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Florin-P - Phosphorus Supplement for Planted Tanks (500 mL)

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Inorganic Phosphorus Source for Planted Aquariums

  • Concentrated inorganic phosphorus supplement
  • Formulated utilizing extensive research on aquatic plant nutrient requirements


Florin-P is a phosphorus supplement that provides the right amount of pure phosphorus for planted aquariums.  Phosphorus is one of the three main nutrients that plants need to grow. Even though plants require less phosphorus compared to other nutrients, it is still important. In some water environments where there is not much organic material, the low amount of phosphorus can make it hard for plants to get the nutrients they need from their surroundings. This can cause the plants to grow slowly or not grow well at all. Even if the water conditions seem perfect (enough light, the right pH, and temperature, and other important nutrients), plants won't grow lush and rapidly without enough phosphorus. On the other hand, if there is too much phosphorus in the water, it can cause algae to grow rapidly. To keep a good balance, it's recommended to have a ratio of around 10 to 20 parts nitrogen to 1 part phosphorus. This helps plants grow steadily without letting algae grow out of control. It's important to note that this information applies to densely-planted aquariums with few fish or moving invertebrates like shrimp.


Instructions & Guidelines

Read Instructions and Technical Background completely before first use. Employ an accurate phosphate test kit or calibrated meter to determine the phosphate requirement in the system prior to adding Florin-P to an established aquarium. Do not overdose. Do not dose indiscriminately, which is likely to result in excessive algae growth in most well-illuminated, established planted aquaria.

During the first 4 - 6 weeks of use, begin with 1 drop Florin-P per 20 US-gallons per day and adjust dosage thereafter as phosphorus requirements in the system dictate.

One drop (~0.05 ml) added to 1 US-gallon of water will increase the total phosphorus concentration by ~0.02 ppm, which equates to an increase of ~0.06 ppm as phosphate. One ml of Florin-P added to 1 US-gallon of water will increase the total phosphorus concentration by ~0.40 ppm, which equates to an increase of ~1.23 ppm as phosphate.

Regardless of dosing rate or method, monitor aquarium for signs of undesirable algae growth during the first few weeks of using a phosphorus supplement, and adjust the dosage of the supplement accordingly. Daily, as opposed to less-frequent, dosing will typically yield the best results due to the associated relative stability of the phosphorus concentration.


Florin-P is not a significant source of potassium.


Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption.


Guaranteed Analysis: Total Phosphate (P2O5) (min) 0.347%

Ingredients: USP-Grade Potassium diphosphate, Purified water.

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