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ShrimpPrep Dechlorinator

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ShrimpPrep Dechlorinator (250 mL)

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ShrimpPrep Dechlorinator (500 mL)

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Shrimp-Safe Dechlorinator for Freshwater Aquariums

  • Copper free & shrimp safe
  • Removes chloramines, chlorine, ammonia, and nitrites present in tap water and/or aquarium water
  • Detoxifies heavy metals like copper, making water immediately safe for use
  • Safe for direct use in the aquarium
  • Made for all freshwater aquariums housing plants, shrimp, or fish
  • Free of phosphate & silicate

Shrimp Prep is a product that can be used to prepare water for aquariums when you need to change the water or replace the water that has evaporated. It can also be used if the levels of ammonia and nitrite in the water become too high. In established aquariums with mature filters, ammonia and nitrite levels should normally be very low, except when new fish are added or if there is an increase in organic material in the water.Shrimp Prep is not a replacement for proper filtration or care of the equipment. However, it can help prevent ammonia and nitrite from harming the delicate creatures in the aquarium. In a balanced aquarium, the amount of organic material entering the system is balanced by the filtration removing it. If you consistently measure high levels of ammonia or nitrite using a good test kit, you should test your water source to see if it contains these substances. If it doesn't, you may need to reduce the amount of organic material going into the aquarium, improve the filtration capacity, or move the inhabitants to a larger tank. High levels of ammonia and nitrite can gradually weaken fish, shrimp, and other creatures, making them sick and potentially causing death.


Instructions & Guidelines

To Treat Tap Water for immediate aquarium use: Add 4 ml (2 pumps if equipped with pump) of this product per 8 US-gallons (30 L) of aquarium water; this corresponds to 5 ml or one capful (if not equipped with pump) or ~35 drops per 10 US-gallons (38L). When used in this fashion, 500 ml treats up to 1,000 US-gallons (3,800 L). Shrimp Prep will treat up to 6 ppm chlorine, 3 ppm chloramines, or 1 ppm ammonia, and detoxify heavy metals.

To Treat Aquarium Water in emergencies: Determine ammonia concentration in aquarium using an accurate ammonia test kit with ammonia salicylate reagent (see comments below). Add 4 ml (2 pumps if equipped with a pump) per 8 US-gallons of water in overall system per 1 ppm of ammonia measured on test kit. Allow 10 minutes to elapse, then re-test ammonia concentration in aquarium and repeat treatment instructions if necessary.

Testing for Ammonia: When using this product, be sure to measure ammonia with a test kit featuring ammonia salicylate reagent rather than Nessler’s reagent; Nessler’s reagent will give an incorrect positive reading of ammonia due to the manner in which the reagent interacts with the active components of Shrimp Prep.


Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption.



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