1) How much salt is in Tropic Marine Pro Reef?

A 55lb bucket of Tropic Marine Pro Reef salt mix will provide anywhere from 150 - 200 US gallons of saltwater depending on the exact salinity level you are mixing to.  During our own testing, we found the entire buckets mixed 170 US gallons of saltwater to 35 PPT.

2) How much salt mix should you use per gallon of freshwater?

According to Tropic Marin's mixing instructions, use 1/2 cup of salt mix per 1 US gallon of fresh RO/DI water to achieve 1.025 - 1.027 SG (34-35 PPT).

3) How do you mix Tropic Marin Pro Reef salt mix correctly?

Place a small pump and sufficient aquarium heater into a larger bucket or container. Fill the container with the full volume of saltwater you wish to mix. Turn on the pump and heater, slowly add the dry salt mix at the rate of 1/2 cup per 1 US gallon of fresh RO/DI water.  Once the salt is dissolved 100%, measure the salinity using a refractometer or salinity meter. Once you reach 35 ppt or 1.026 SG, the water is ready for use in your aquarium or can be stored away for later use. 

4) How long can you store Tropic Marin Pro Reef Saltwater?

Dry salt mix can be stored indefinitely so long as remains unopened.  Once opened and/or exposed to moist air, the salt mix can harden and be deemed unusable. 

Mixed saltwater can be safely stored for 4 weeks or more.  Keep a lid on the container and you do not need to run a pump or heater while storing the water. 

5) What is the difference between Tropic Marine Classic and Pro Reef?

The main difference between the two salt mix options is the ratio of calcium, alkalinity, and calcium in the mix. Pro reef will provide lower levels of major elements designed for use in tanks with regular calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium supplementation using additives or a calcium reactor.  Classic Salt Mix is best used in fish-only aquariums or in reef tanks that are not supplemented and/or the higher ranges are desired.

Parameter Calcium Alkalinity Magnesium
Pro Reef 440 ppm 7 dKH 1350 ppm
Classic 380 ppm 9 - 10 dKH 1260 ppm