How high should I mount them?

During our BRStv Investigates series, we found the most ideal mounting height to be 8" from the water's surface to get the best performance.

How many do I need for my tank?

SPS Dominant Tanks: One XR30 covers a 24" x 24" area with enough PAR for SPS corals. For longer SPS tanks, you want at least one fixture for every 24"-30" of tank length.

Soft Coral, LPS, and Mixed Reefs: One XR30 per 30" of tank length will suffice. 

How do I set up my Radion XR30?

EcoTech Marine's RMS mounting system looks great, is easy to use, and is the best choice for installation over your tank. Be sure to purchase the appropriate RMS parts you need for either hanging the lights or attaching them directly to your tank which are sold separately. 

**Every fixture does come standard with some eyelet bolts which can be used for DIY mounting solutions.

How do I program the Radion XR30?

  1. Download the Mobius app and following step by step instructions for connecting to the light
  2. Pick a preset spectrum. We recommend AB+ but any of the presets should work as long as you don't change it. 
  3. Set a photoperiod or daily schedule. A 9 hour light cycle is recommended meaning your light is ON for 9 hours per day.
  4. Test PAR using a PAR meter and set the output intensity.
    • Generally your shooting for 75-150 PAR at the bottom of your tank, 150-200 PAR in the middle, and 200 - 350 PAR across the top area of your water column. 

Watch Video: How to use a PAR Meter the RIGHT way! This is your 5-Minute Guide to PAR Meters

What is the AB+ preset and should I use it?

This is a proven and widely used LED spectrum that most closely mimics the results hobbyists have seen with T5 bulbs. A heavy blue spectrum that promotes excellent growth and coloration among the coral.