This Salt Changed The Way We Reef, Seriously. Tropic Marin Pro Reef Salt Mix

While success can be found using almost any salt mix, the best approach is to pick a formula or brand you trust and stick with it. Choosing the right mix is important because you want something that will perform to your expectations each and every time and constantly switching between various brands alters the elemental stability of your aquarium water. This is exactly why Tropic Marin Pro Reef is what we always use on our reef tanks here at the Bulk Reef Supply headquarters. 

Tropic Marine Pro Reef Salt Mix Parameters

Why Tropic Marine Pro Reef?

Consistency matters with a salt mix and Tropic Marin uses only pharmaceutical-grade components that are held to very strict standards. That means even between different batches of the salt mix, we can rely upon Pro Reef Salt to meet our expectations. Our own BRStv Investigates tests proved Pro Reef to provide consistent parameters, even when stored for long periods of time. It mixes clean and clear, relatively fast, and will not leave any kind of brown residue or precipitates on your mixing bin. Your mixing pump and heater will last longer and stay cleaner too!

Tropic Marine Pro Reef Salt Mix Cost Per Gallon

When it comes to cost, we realize being affordable counts. Especially with salt mix as it is consumable and will always be an expense to keep your reef tank happy and healthy. The calculations above came from a BRStv Investigates episode in which we mixed up and calculated the costs of all the brands we carry here at BRS. When you distill it down, Tropic Marin salts, in general, are not the most affordable but if you purchase in the larger bucket size, the salt is really not all that much more expensive than a majority of other options. At the end of the day, consider what matters most to you and your tank. At only $2 more per month for the best-performing salt mix, there really is no need to compromise.

Not sure which Tropic Marin Salt Mix is right for you and your tank? Check out our video "What's the difference between Tropic Marin Salts? - #AskBRStv" to learn more about each of the four different formulations.


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