1) What does a Neptune Systems Apex do?

An Apex can monitor your aquarium's critical water parameters, control all of the equipment used on your aquarium, send notifications to your email or smartphone with status updates, and monitor power consumption. Essentially it turns your tank into a "Smart Tank" where it is wired and connected to the internet so you can check the status of the tank anytime, anywhere. Everything is then configured using their popular app, Apex Fusion.

There are a variety of upgrades and accessories that can be added to expand and control more equipment and multiple aquariums using just a single controller. Neptune also makes a variety of products such as an ATO kit, LED light system, powerhead, and return pump. All of which have been optimized for connection and control with an Apex.

It's an incredibly powerful electronic device that can automate and monitor your aquarium and its devices with complete transparency for a safer, smarter reef tank experience. 

2) How does the Neptune Systems Apex work?

The Apex has two main components. The Base Unit is like the brain or computer combined with the Energy Bar which is the smart power bar. In addition to the switchable power sockets on the Energy Bar, you get BNC probe ports for pH and ORP probes, a temperature probe port, 0-10v variable speed/dimming control ports, AquaBus ports for expansion, and an 8 pin mini-DIN connector to accept 6 additional switches. It connects to the internet via an ethernet cable or Wifi signal.

The Base Unit is configured using the Apex Fusion app using your smartphone or tablet. The base unit saves all the configuration from Fusion which is then relayed to all of your Apex-connected equipment and probes. You can set up alarms and notifications which will ping your phone or send you an email when something goes wrong so you will never be left in the dark.  Should you be away from your tank, you can access Apex Fusion from anywhere to make changes as you desire. 

3) Is Neptune Systems Apex worth the money?

It is certainly subjective but for most of us, it is absolutely worth the expense.  If you think about how much time and money you invest in your aquarium, being Apex protected is a small price to pay for the ability to avoid a majority of the problems known to cause tank failure.

4) How do I set up my Neptune Systems Apex?

Apex Fusion is their advanced user control interface app that gives you step-by-step instructions for setup. When new features are enabled or new accessories are added, the Neptune Systems Tasks takes over and walks you through the installation and set up. The Apex is also capable of accepting custom if/then programming language where users can configure the operation of their equipment based on a variety of conditions and events. Fusion was designed to be user friendly and once you become accustomed to the interface, setup and configuration become intuitive. 

5) What can a Neptune Systems Apex control?

Pretty much everything. Any piece of equipment that relies on a power plug can be controlled. This includes your heater, lighting, pumps, protein skimmer, dosing pumps, reactors, ATO, UV sterilizer, and a variety of other filtration devices. The powerful Apex Trident monitors calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium which can trigger dosing pumps. pH, Orp, temperature, and salinity monitoring can be used to trigger events or control equipment. Water level sensors and leak detectors for topping off with fresh water and detecting water on the floor. Flow sensors allow for the monitoring of flow through your plumbing to dial-in sensitive flow rates or simply monitor your pump performance. 

Neptune also makes a variety of proprietary equipment that was designed specifically for connection and control with the Neptune Systems Apex. Ultimately allowing you to create a cohesive experience across almost all of your tank's equipment with the added benefit of smart control and protection.