Answering the question "What is the best salt mix?" isn't really black and white because it depends on what matters most to you. Is it price, purity, suitability for storage, mixing effort, or impurities?  These are all valid points and each salt mix will have its strengths and weaknesses.  

Properties of Salt Mix

While we could test and compare each of these various qualities to sort of grade the various salt mixes, we would ultimately find that there isn't one single salt that performs the best in all of these categories. Instead, move past the idea that one golden salt mix exists and use the data and information to choose the right salt mix for your tank based on your particular goals.

This is where BRStv Investigates comes into the equation. We explored the most popular salt mix brands on our website and ran a series of experiments to answer some of the most common questions and see how these various brands measure up. 


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Make the best choice when choosing salt mix for your reef! 

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There really is no salt mix on the market that is poison and will harm your tank when used correctly. In fact, success has been had using ALL of the major salt mix brands and this is an important fact. You can succeed with any salt mix and the health of your aquarium hinges on your dedication to the tank.