With an increasing number of hobbyists becoming disappointed with their LED lights, many have switched back to the tried-and-true combination of Metal Halides & T5 High Output—which has often been revered as the best lighting you can buy for any reef aquarium.

We hear from veteran reefers all the time that the lighting combination of Metal Halide with T5 High Output is their favorite for overall coral growth and coral color. 
Hamilton Technology's Cebu Sun is an "All-in-One" lighting system which combines the power and intensity of Metal Halide lighting with the attractive color of T5 High Output fluorescents in one unit. This makes it an ideal choice for any reef tank, especially if you want to keep a mixed reef aquarium or one with any light demanding SPS corals.

Cebu Sun

Cebu Sun lighting systems are built to order in the USA, are available ranging in size from 2 ft up to 6 ft and can be purchased with 175 watt, 250 watt or 400 watt metal halide lamps.
Hamilton Technology full spectrum Metal Halide lamps range in Kelvin from 10,000K to 20,000K giving your aquarium the look you prefer. Hamilton 10,000K is a high PAR metal halide bulb which emits a pure, crisp intense bright white light and is great for rapid coral growth and the development of photosynthetic plants and anemones.
Hamilton 14,000K emits a bright sparking white light with vibrant actinic blue rays drawing out the natural vibrant colors in fish, coral and marine life. Hamilton 20,000K has high spikes in the 420nm range and emits a deep actinic blue light greatly intensifying the fluorescent color in coral and providing your tank with a lot of "pop."

Hamilton 14,000K

Each Cebu Sun system comes with a durable, powder coated aluminum shell, dual cooling fans for increased bulb life, a tempered glass lens which acts as a splash guard and a German mirror finished multi-faceted light reflector for maximum light intensity. Moonlight Blue LED lights on independent controls offer the user nocturnal viewing.

Cebu Sun Reflector

There are four High Output T5 actinic lights provided. These are on two separate power cords allowing you more flexibility in your lighting scheme and the ability to warm up the aquarium independent from your metal halide lights. The T5 lights do a great job of bringing out the vibrant color of your fish, coral and invertebrates showing off your aquarium and making the aquarium the center piece of your room.

4 High Output Actinic Blue T5 Lights
Ballasts are remote and individual for each metal halide lamp. You have the option of magnetic or dimmable electronic*. The dimmable electronic ballasts allow you to ramp up or ramp down the lighting intensity from your metal halide lamps driving your lamp to 50% / 75% / 100% or 110% light output.
Dimmable Electronic Ballast
This full assembled, low profile, ventilated aluminum fixture can be placed directly on top of the aquarium or hung above the aquarium. Starting at $499, these lighting systems are not only a great choice but a good value.

Your result can be a vibrant, healthy and attractive looking reef aquarium with amazing coral growth like you see from this customer who uses a Cebu Sun system on their reef aquarium.
*250 Watt & 400 Watt are dimmable.