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MJC-SC Crevice Vacuum Tool

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The Vivid Creative Aquatics MJC-SC Crevice Vacuum Tool turns small pumps like the Sicce Syncra Nano or Maxi-Jet powerheads into compact aquarium vacuums for efficient debris removal. Reach those tight spots in your reef where detritus is hiding out with the specialized narrow design of Crevice Vacuum Tool to remove collecting detritus with ease.  The MJC-SC can connect to any pump with a 3/4" slip input or tubing. The specialized shape helps to concentrate the intake flow of your pump so that you can easily and effectively pull detritus from aquarium corners and back behind rock. You can either pump the water into a bucket for removal during a water change or a fine micron filter sock to polish out any particles, recycling the water back into your system. Made from PETG plastic, the MJ Vacuum is 100% reef safe and is built to last a lifetime!



  • Gets into tight corners and spaces between rocks and corals
  • Works with MJ600 & MJ1200
  • Works with Sicce Syncra Nano with included snap-in adapter
  • Can be used with flexible tubing*
  • Printed in reef-safe PETG plastic


*When used with any of the recommended utility pumps, 1/2” ID flexible tubing can be used to connect directly to the outlet of the pump. If you wish to use the MJC as a siphon attachment, without a pump, a piece of 3/4” OD flexible tubing will press fit directly into the MJC. 




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1x MJC-SC Crevice Vacuum Tool

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