As an aquarium hobbyist, I am always looking for new food to feed my corals. I experiment to see what my corals respond best to, what makes them grow the fastest and what helps with the coloration of the corals.

There are already some very good coral foods available, like Coral Frenzyand Polyp Lab Reef-Roids.

What caught my eye about the New Life Spectrum Micro-Feeder are the smaller particle sizes (10-80 microns), the impressive ingredient list and the encapsulated formulation. On paper, it looks like a great food for SPS corals, clams and filter feeders, such as gorgonians and feather dusters.

I was greeted by a natural ocean/seafood scent upon opening the jar. The food is a rich golden color resulting from its 3 main ingredients: zooplankton, whole Antartic Krill and whole fish. Spirulina, phytoplankton, kelp, seaweed, omega-3 fatty acids and various vitamins are among the other ingredients that help make Micro-Feeder a complete spectrum nutrition food for all your corals and invertebrates.

One special feature of this food is the microparticles are encapsulated in a gel matrix made of agar (which is seaweed based). This encapsulation increases buoyancy and helps to keep the food particles in suspension longer to reduce pollution. Corals and inverts have a greater chance and more time to capture the food particles before they settle to the bottom of the tank.

Feeding instructions and a measuring spoon are included inside the jar of food. The food can be broadcast or target fed to your corals and refrigeration is not required.

Simply mix the NLS Micro-Feeder with some tank water and pour it into your aquarium for broadcast feeding or use a liquid feeding tool for target feeding. I typically turn off my return pump and protein skimmer for 2 hours while the tank is being fed.

The results I observed after feeding New Life Micro-Feeder to my aquarium were clearly favorable. Many of my corals quickly extended their feeding tentacles, eager to feed. The tiny powdery particles of food do appear to stay in the water column for quite a long time.

NLS Micro Feeder appears to be a very well-formulated food made with great ingredients. The unique encapsulation process helps more of the food make it to your corals, rather than settling to the bottom of your aquarium.

The small 10-80 micron particle size also makes it an excellent food for SPS corals and other invertebrates that prefer smaller-sized foods. New Life Spectrum Nutri/Cel Micro-Feeder would be a great addition to other coral foods you may currently be feeding.