While automatic fleece rollers have this sort of awkward "contraption" appearance, they are actually quite functional and super convenient.  You won't have to worry about changing out your filter socks and are often more efficient in terms of debris removal. The Red Sea Reefmat most certainly lives up to these expectations with a few additional tricks that can help even further simplify your maintenance routine.

There are two different models, the ReefMat 500 is suitable for tanks up to 130 gallons and the ReefMat 1200 is suitable for tanks up to 310 gallons. When choosing the ReefMat, tank into account both your tank size and available space inside your sump for installation.  If connecting to your primary drain is not an option, you can always set up the ReefMat using a dedicated pump to recirculate water through the ReefMat and place it into any of the secondary sump chambers. 




Setup and installation are incredibly simple because the ReefMat comes completely assembled right out of the box. All you really need to do is place it into your sump, hook up the drain, and connect using the ReefBeat app via your smartphone. The only manual maintenance required is swapping out the filter rolls which also happens to be incredibly easy. The Reefmat was specially designed around making the roll replacements as quick and easy as possible without having to turn off your return pump or remove it from your sump. 

For added flexibility, the position of the drive unit and drain hose connection is ambidextrous meaning you can mount it on either the left or right side to accommodate your particular sump. The unit can hang off the wall of your sump or set directly on the bottom using the included mounting legs. It will fit anywhere in your sump with the available footprint but is most commonly placed into the very first drain chamber in place of your filter socks. For Red Sea Reefer tank owners, there is a Sump Modification Tool Kit available that makes it super easy to carve out the existing filter sock bracket and replace it with a ReefMat filter roller. 


The Reefmat is currently the only "smart" filter roller and is controlled and monitored using the ReefBeat app.  It utilizes a solid-state conductivity sensor with no moving parts so you can rely on the electronic monitoring of water level and automatic advancement of the filter roll without worry. Should you find a need to manually advance the roll, you can do that in the app too.  The app will send you notifications when the filter roll needs maintenance and if any errors should occur.