Red Sea makes three different Universal Mounting Arms to accommodate each of their three light fixtures, the ReefLED 50, 90, and 160S. This tutorial should apply to all three kits with the only difference being the light itself and the length of the mounting arms..

Parts included

Layout all of the parts, check to ensure nothing is missing. You will need to have a Phillips head screwdriver to complete the install. It is best to clear a workspace next to your aquarium as the arm will need to be assembled while attached to the tank. Don't forget to have your ReefLED handy as well. 

1. Connecting The Mounting Arms

Start with the vertical mounting arm standing up vertically. The holes should be facing outward with the larger holes positioned on the top. Push the horizontal mounting arm into the top of the vertical arm. Use two screws to secure it in place. 

2. Set Light Location

Step up to your tank with the mounting arm in hand.  Position over your tank just as it would be when fully assembled to gauge the horizontal mounting arm length.  You will slide the horizontal arm in or out to reach the desired location over the top of your tank. Keep in mind, the dead center of your light fixture will be positioned exactly 2.5" from the end of the horizontal arm.

Once you have it right, open the rubber screw caps on the bottom of the horizontal arm and use the screwdriver to tighten down the screws, holding the arm in place.  

3. Install Tank Mounting Bracket

Grab the tank mounting bracket with the two turnkey screws. Position the tank mount over the edge of your tank where you want it. With single light tanks, this is typically in the center of the tank from left to right.

Take the entire mounting arm assembly, slide it into the tank mounting bracket and tighten the two turnkey screws to hold everything tight in place.

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4. Attach Light Mounting Bracket

Set the LED light on its end, with the back of the fixture facing up. Position the light bracket onto the light fixture and attach it using the two screws. 

5. Attach The ReefLED Light

Your ReefLED is now ready to be connected onto the end of the horizontal mounting arm and then be secured in place.  First, put your light onto the end of the horizontal arm and pop in the snap screws, one on each side. Next, slide the square nut into the top of the bracket and finally use the longest single screw to tighten the light into position.

6. Route Power Cables

Flip the light up so the mounting arm is 100% vertical and pull the power cord through the hole drilled into the back of the horizontal mounting arm. Snap the covering caps over the holes after your cord is pulled through and you're all set! For programming suggestions and a review of the ReefSpec Lighting, check out Thomas's Product Spotlight Video for the Red Sea ReefLED 160S.