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  1. Mesh Filter Sock with Plastic Ring
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    Mesh Filter Sock with Plastic Ring

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    Felt Filter Sock with Plastic Ring

  3. Slide Out Control Panel
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    Slide Out Control Panel
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Thomas' favorite AIO plug-and-play reef aquarium is the classy, attractive, solid, and ready-to-go Red Sea Max Nano reef aquarium. This nano tank is an excellent minimalist aquarium choice for newer reefers who want to take advantage of the easy setup and easy managing of reef equipment. Besides this tank's elegant quality exterior, it comes packed with all the reefing gadgets ready for use except for a heater, rock, sand, fish, and corals. Furthermore, you can control the lights directly from your smart device and efficiently operate with a simple app on your smart device. An excellent choice for new reefers and a great addition to any existing reefers who like to have more than one reef tank!

Red Sea Max Nano Components

Specification Description NANO
System water volume Combined aquarium and rear sump 75 L (20 Gal)
Aquarium volume Display tank 62 L (16.5 Gal)
Rear Sump volume Rear sump 13 L (16.5 Gal)
Aquarium glass thickness Ultra clear front and side panels 8 mm (5/16”)
Surface skimmer Built in Surface Skimmer with removable combs Yes
Lighting system Red Sea ReefLED 90 1 unit
Lighting – standard configuration Full spectrum with nominal total output 55W
Lighting control WiFi based system compatible with all iOS, Android, and WiFi enabled Mac or PC Yes
Total circulation lph (gph) Hidden circulation pumps (not including sump return) 1 x 950 (240 gph)
Protein skimmer Waterflow/Airflow 180 lph/60 lph
Mechanical filtration Standard 225 Micron Filter Bag Yes
Chemical filtration High grade phosphate-free activated carbon 200g (7 oz)
Cabinet frame Marine Spec  Yes
External Length   45 cm (18″)
External Width   45 cm (18″)
External Height Excluding LED light unit 132 cm (52″)