The incredibly popular REEFER series aquariums from Red Sea have been redesigned into a brand new series of tanks - The REEFER G2. Red Sea hasn't moved too far away from their original vision of the REEFER tanks and the overall appearance has gone unchanged. The improvements to the G2 series tanks are focused on the quality of craftsmanship, filtration performance, and an optional extended warranty. 

Reefer G2 Sump


Upgraded Reef-Spec Ready Sump

The new glass sump features a Reef-Mat ready mechanical filtration compartment with removable micron filter socks and media cups making it easy to install the Red Sea Reef-Mat Fleece Roller. As with the original REEFER sumps, you still get a dedicated skimmer chamber with an adjustable water level, an optional refugium chamber, and an integrated ATO system with a freshwater reservoir. 

REEFER G2 Plumbing
Dual Return Nozzles

Improved Water Management System

The easy assemble plumbing has always been a benefit to Red Sea aquariums and the new plumbing kits feature an improved precision flow control for the primary drainpipe and dual return nozzles to help distribute flow throughout the display. Red Sea also created a custom pipe connection kit making it easy to connect US standard PVC pipes to the stock Red Sea plumbing which is a great bonus for advanced reef tank owners. 

Plywood Stand
Plywood Stand Red Sea REEFER G2

Fortified Plywood Stand 

The laminated plywood cabinets follow the contour of the display aquarium creating that sleek aesthetic. Plywood makes it easy to mount your favorite Reef-Spec equipment and controllers while maintaining structural stability. The stand doors come with an epoxy coating for extra protection against harsh saltwater as well as stainless steel hinges and adjustable leveling feet. Larger tank models are also extra-fortified with aluminum supports that allow for plenty of access down below the tank without bulky braces getting in the way. 

Red Sea REEFER G2 Features

Optional 5-year Extended Warranty

All REEFER G2 aquariums are rimless and made from thick ultra-clear glass with beveled edges and clean silicone lines. Right out of the box your REEFER G2 comes with a 3-year standard warranty with the option of an additional 2 years of warranty support available directly from Red Sea.

Tank Sizes & Models

There are a total of 12 tank sizes available in the REEFER G2 line and all of the tanks are available in either a black or white finish. Just like the original series, you also have the option of the deluxe edition tank that comes complete with appropriately sized ReefLED lights and universal mounting arms. 

  • Red Sea REEFER 170 G2 - 33 Gallons
  • Red Sea REEFER 200 G2 - 42 Gallons
  • Red Sea REEFER 250 G2 - 54 Gallons
  • Red Sea REEFER 300 G2 - 65 Gallons
  • Red Sea REEFER 350 G2 - 72 Gallons
  • Red Sea REEFER 425 G2 - 91 Gallons
  • Red Sea REEFER 525 G2 - 112 Gallons
  • Red Sea REEFER 625 G2 - 132 Gallons
  • Red Sea REEFER 750 G2 - 160 Gallons
  • Red Sea REEFER-S 850 G2 - 180 Gallons
  • Red Sea REEFER-S 1000 G2 - 210 Gallons