The Power of Neptune Systems

Neptune Systems is the most widely trusted brand in aquarium control with the largest userbase across the globe. Their growing product line consists of a myriad of expansion modules, equipment, and accessories that work together to streamline and protect your aquarium. The sheer power of a Neptune System Controller is pretty impressive, especially when you see it in action. 

Just imagine a centralized app (on your phone) where you can monitor and control all of your tank's life support equipment as well as see your current and historical water parameters. That same app will then send you a notification if anything goes wrong with the tank, no matter where you are in the world!

Pretty sweet huh? Well, that is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what an Apex can do to help you be the owner of a more successful aquarium.

Neptune Systems A3 Apex Pro
A3 Apex Pro
The most powerful Apex package

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Neptune Systems A3 Apex
A3 Apex
Monitoring + Control = Apex Protected

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Neptune Systems A3 Apex Jr
Apex Jr

Apex monitoring with the power to grow

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The information below pertains to the latest generation, A3 Apex Series. The previous A2 series Apex systems (A2 Apex, A2 Apex Value Release & A2 ApexEL) are still supported and compatible with all of the current modules and devices, but are no longer in production by Neptune Systems.

How to Choose an Apex Controller

The first step into the Neptune Systems universe is choosing one of the three different A3 Apex Controllers and knowing which option is best is much easier than you might think. The Apex is like the brain or mini-computer that connects to all of the various probes, modules, and accessories. The Apex gets synced up with your wifi or internet connection and after a quick sign-up for Apex Fusion, you can access everything via an app or internet browser.

All of the Neptune System A3 Apex Controllers have the same expansion capabilities and interface via Apex Fusion. All of the probes, modules, equipment, and accessories from Neptune Systems can be added and controlled using any of the various A3 Apex systems. The only differences between the various Apex systems are the control ports, monitoring probes, and accessories that are included in the box.

No matter which option you choose, the possibilities are the same and it's just a matter of knowing which capabilities you will value most right now, then prioritizing those future capabilities when they are needed. As with most reefing gear, it's all about choosing the right tool for the right job. The Apex system can grow with you as your interest and participation in the hobby expand.

Neptune Systems A3 Apex Comparison Chart
*Linked modules are sold separately. Click to learn more.

  Apex PRO Apex Apex Jr
Temperature Monitoring
pH Monitoring
ORP Monitoring *PM1 + ORP Probe *PM1 + ORP Probe
Salinity Monitoring *Salinity Probe  *PM2 + Probe *PM2 + Probe
FMM Input Ports 4 3 2
Controllable Outlets 8 8 *EB832
1LINK Outputs 3 3 *1Link or EB832
DC 24V Outputs 2 2 *1Link or EB832
Digital Inputs 6 6 *PM1, PM2, or PM3
Audible Alarm Buzzer
Hard-wired Ethernet N/A
Liquid Level Monitoring *LLS *LLS
Leak Detection Optical Analog Analog
Variable Outputs (0-10V) 4 *VDM *VDM
Optical Sensor *MOS



What Would You Like To Do With Your Apex?

Remember, any one of the A3 Apex systems operates using the same exact firmware and platform, it's simply a matter of expanding the system with additional hardware to accomplish any one of these desired tasks. For example, the Apex Jr. does not include an EB832 device to plug in and control your heaters, lighting, pumps, etc., but all you have to do is purchase the EB832 separately to unlock that power of control.

  Apex PRO Apex Apex Jr
I want to monitor my aquarium at any time from any device.
I want to monitor critical parameters, like temperature, to protect my tank.
I want to be alerted by text, SMS, or email when parameters are out of range.
I want to know if the power of my Wi-Fi connection is lost to my aquarium.
I want to be alerted to a possible overflow or leak in or around my aquarium.
I want to be able to automate equipment to respond to parameter changes or emergency situations. EB832
I want to know that my equipment is operating efficiently and correctly. EB832
I want to know the relative cleanliness of my aquarium water. PM1ORP Probe PM1ORP Probe
I want to remotely check the exact water depth in my sump and reservoir. LLS LLS
I want to be able to easily connect other Apex-ready switch boxes and devices. VDM VDM
I want to be notified or control actions based on fluid levels above or below a certain level.


Create a Controllable Apex Ecosystem

In addition to the control and monitoring capabilities of an Apex, Neptune Systems offers a variety of additional accessories and equipment that you can connect to your Apex system to unlock unparalleled levels of control. This includes products like the popular Trident Water Analyzer and ATK Auto Top Off Kit that have empowered hobbyists to take control of their tanks like never before. All of the Neptune System accessories are compatible with any A2 or A3 series Apex Controllers and connect using the AquaBus, 1Link, or 24V DC ports.

  1. AFS Automatic Feeding System
    Neptune Systems
    AFS Automatic Feeding System

  2. DDR DOS Dual Reservoir
    Neptune Systems
    DDR DOS Dual Reservoir

  3. COR-15 Intelligent Return Pump (1500 GPH)
    Neptune Systems
    COR-15 Intelligent Return Pump (1500 GPH)

  4. Trident - Marine Aquarium Water Analyzer
    Neptune Systems
    Trident - Marine Aquarium Water Analyzer

  5. PMUP v2 Practical Multi-Purpose Utility Pump
    Neptune Systems
    PMUP v2 Practical Multi-Purpose Utility Pump

  6. GRO Refugium Light with Pipe Mount
    Neptune Systems
    GRO Refugium Light with Pipe Mount