Top 5 DC Powerheads for Aquariums

top DC powerheads available on the market today for reef aquariums!

Ecotech Marine MP40wQD PowerHead

Our #1 choice for tanks 50 to 500+ gallons

A runaway favorite of ours and many other reefers, is the Ecotech Marine MP40w Quiet Drive Powerhead. The award-winning technology separates the motor from the propeller, keeping 100% of the unsightly wires and dangerous electricity out of your tank. Every MP40wQD includes an easy to use controller that only takes a few minutes to master, letting you manipulate the modes and flow rates coming out of the pump allowing it to adapt to a wide variety of tank sizes and shapes. Connecting multiple pumps together can unlock additional features like sync and anti-sync modes.

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Maxspect XF350 Gyre Pump With Controller

An easy choice for long tanks, where water movement can be a challenge

If you are looking for a "sheet" of water to be pushed around, look no further. Maxspect Gyre Powerheads are known for their ability to blanket your aquarium with flow. The innovative design ditches the traditional propellers giving it a unique form factor that fits well in many reef tanks from 50 gallons and up. We have found the Maxspect Gyre's to give some of the best overall flow for fish and corals, while being easy to mount and use.

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Ecotech Marine MP10wQD PowerHead

High-level flow for nano sized reef tanks

All the features of the MP40wQD but at about half the size! Compatible with any aquarium that has 0.375" glass or thinner, these are easily our powerhead of choice for tanks up to 50 gallons. A pair of MP10wQD Powerheads can create natural water movement that simulates the random flow found in the ocean. The wetside of the MP10 only requires 2" of clearance into the aquarium keeping them very low-profile and easy to position.

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Tunze 6055 Turbelle Nanostream Controllable Powerhead

Quiet, Efficient, and Easily the Most Reliable

Tunze Turbelle Powerheads have been around for years, and the controllable 6055 Nanostream pump lives up to the quality reputation Tunze has gained over the years. The strong mounting magnets and pump cradle gives you complete control over where the flow is going. Lacking some of the bells-and-whistles other DC pumps come with, the Tunze DC Pump Controller is probably the easiest to use and become familiar with.

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Skimz SS6.0 SuperSilent DC Wavemaker

The best value DC powerhead available

Pushing up to 1,500+ gallons per hour, the controllable SuperSilent SS6.0 Powerhead from Skimz is by far the best bang for the buck. Using ultra-quiet sine-wave technology, the Skimz SS6.0 can easily create a standing wave in nano reef tanks, while being powerful enough to push water across tanks up to 4 feet long. In almost every case we will always recommend two pumps and Skimz makes pairing multiple pumps easy with the built-in Sync/Anti-Sync feature.

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