Selecting the proper protein skimmer for your reef is crucial to ensuring that you are getting the right amount of nutrient export for your system to thrive. Skimmers will help you remove waste before it breaks down into nitrate and they will aid in both gas exchange and pH stability. The Red Sea RSK Protein Skimmer line has become a proven and reliable option that provides tank owners with a number of unique features that set these skimmers apart from the crowd. 

The Pump

The Sicce PSK is an extremely high-quality and durable pump made by one of the most proven pump manufacturers in the entire hobby, Sicce. These pumps sit on a rubber pad and rubber feet to ensure a near-silent operation within your sump. The PSK pumps are AC-powered which means you won't have direct control over the pump speed, but the pumps will most certainly withstand the rigors of a saltwater aquarium and last much longer than a DC-powered pump in the same scenario.

Red Sea RSK Protein Skimmer Collection Cup

The Build

RSK skimmers are made from injection-molded plastic as opposed to the industry standard cast acrylic. This manufacturing process allows Red Sea to produce parts that simply cannot be made out of acrylic such as the unique collection cup with foam view window and the neck cleaner. There are three different sizes with each simply being a bigger version than its predecessor with a stronger pump. 

RSK Protein Skimmer Collection Cup

The Neck Cleaner

The neck cleaner is a proprietary feature on these Red Sea RSK protein skimmers that allows you to clean the walls of the collection cup without having to remove it from the skimmer body. This helps to ensure maximum skimmate colleciton at all times by removing severe nutrient build-up from the inside of the neck and just makes it easier to clean the cup in general.  Also keeps things looking clean and sparkling! 

Additional Features

  • The Long Drain Tube & Valve: This makes it very easy to drain your collection cup into a separate reservoir for disposal.
  • The Labels: This skimmer has lots of labels to help you dial in your sumps water level and make the micro-adjustments needed to maximize performance.
  • The Air Silencer: The silencer is molded right into the skimmer body which is unique to just these skimmers.
  • Easy Maintenance: These skimmers are very easy to take apart and perform maintenance on using the four thumbscrews to take the body off of the pump.