Neptune Systems graced us with a look at three new Apex accessories that are just about to hit the market and we couldn't be more excited. All of these new accessories are in fact sensors that are designed for connection with the popular FMM module which hints are their intended applications. Two of the new sensors are upgraded versions of existing sensors that we have already come to love and the third and most exciting is an all-new sensor that will change how we monitor the water levels in our tanks.

Leak Sensor and Optical Sensor
Water Level Sensor

 A New Take on Leak Detection

The new LD-3 Leak Sensors have ditched the conductive strips we saw on the LD-1 and LD-2 and utilize an optical sensor instead to detect the presence of fluid on the floor. The new leak sensor takes on a sharp-looking octagonal design and is trimmed with brilliant Neptune orange-colored plastic that encases the optical sensor. The reliance on an optical sensor has two distinct advantages over traditional conductivity-based sensors. First and foremost, the sensor is reusable and will no longer be subject to corrosion after a single exposure to saltwater. Secondly, the optical leak sensor is not prone to false alarms and can be confidently placed on a conductive surface like metal.

Better Looking Magnetic Optical Sensor

The V3 optical sensor doesn't really boast any technical upgrades rather it has an all-new form factor that not only looks slick but also makes it easier to use. Neptune Systems encased the new optical sensor with a cube-shaped waterproof housing and integrated the magnet mount rather than relying on a separate magnet mount and bracket like the previous optical sensor.  This ultimately cuts down on the overall profile making it easier to sneak the sensor into tight places and the dry side magnet is completely waterproof meaning you count mount it pretty much anywhere. 

Check Out the LLS - Liquid Level Sensor

This is the most exciting part of Neptune's recent announcement because it's an entirely new and innovative take on liquid level detection. Rather than monitor only the surface level, the LLS actually monitors the entire water volume via depth and tracks when that depth changes. It's like an electronic ruler that tracks how much the water level is changing in real-time.

The LLS sensor is available in four different sizes to accommodate various applications up to a maximum fluid depth of 35 inches. You can use them inside your dosing containers, mixing stations, sump, and even right inside the display. 

  • 4 inch
  • 15 inch
  • 23 inch
  • 35 inch

The sensors mount to flat panels using a plastic clip and connect to your Apex via the FMM module. Inside Fusion, you can visually track the fluid level in real-time using the animated graphics or track the changes over time using a more traditional line graph. 

The benefit of the LLS over a traditional float or optical sensor is the ability to track the changes in the fluid level without using multiple sensors. In other words, the single sensor can track your primary, high, and low water levels or simply tell you how much the water level is fluctuating over time. This is the first time hobbyists will be able to monitor fluid levels to this degree and we can already predict some really convenient applications.

  • Track evaporation rates
  • Overflow and dry-run protection in the sump
  • Ensure your AIO tank never runs dry
  • Monitor additives inside dosing containers
  • Ensure your top-off reservoir stays full of freshwater
  • Maintain your saltwater mixing station
  • Optimize filter roller function
  • Find out when your filter sock is clogged