Water testing is certainly an aspect of maintaining a reef aquarium that instigates polarizing opinions. While many folks find reef aquarium water chemistry fascinating and appreciate the challenge, the process of performing water tests on a weekly basis quickly becomes daunting.

What if there was a piece of technology that could provide necessary insights into our tank's water chemistry but also eliminate the need to manually perform water tests on a regular basis?  The hobby has been screaming for powerful water monitoring devices like this for quite some time and thanks to modern technology, that dream is now a reality. 

The Neptune Systems Trident compliments your Apex Controller by automatically monitoring calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium levels in your reef.  You have access to all of the test results instantaneously via Apex Fusion where you can also view historical data organized into graphs to easily track the conditions in your aquarium over time. This data simplifies the process of dosing and maintaining major elements but also allows you to keep a very close eye on your reef's critical water parameters 24/7. When paired with the Neptune Systems DOS, you can empower the Trident to automatically make adjustments to your dosing routine improving your tank's stability.

Some might argue that automating water tests and controlled dosing is the best feature of owning a Trident, but it's the 24/7 monitoring of your aquarium from anywhere in the world that really adds value. You can create alerts and receive notifications on your phone for the conditions inside your aquarium. You can then make changes and take action from anywhere using the Apex Fusion app creating what is perhaps the easiest "hands-free" path to sustaining a thriving reef aquarium. 

Neptune Systems Trident

What's in the Box

  • 1x Trident System
  • 1x 1Link Cable
  • 5' Black Sample Tubing
  • 5' Clear Waste Tubing
  • 1x 2-Month Reagent Supply*


  • Dimensions: 4.25” x 12” x 10”
  • Alkalinity Precision: +/-.05 dKh
  • Calcium Precision: +/-15 ppm
  • Magnesium Precision: +/-15 ppm
  • Testing Time: Around 7 minutes per test
  • Sample Water Required: Around 8mL per test
  • Max Head: Must be less than 4' from the water sample

Easy Setup & Maintenance

Neptune Systems has worked extensively making their powerful technology accessible with their Apex Fusion app. The Trident assembly is quick and once connected to your Apex, the Fusion Task will walk you through the entire setup with easy-to-navigate steps. It comes factory calibrated right out of the box and only requires calibration after replacing the reagents. 

The Trident does require the use of reagents and comes complete with a two months supply. Additional reagents are available separately in a 2-month and 6-month supply package and should be on your shopping list alongside fish food and additives to ensure you never experience downtime. A separate wastewater container is required which can be anything of appropriate size that will hold the wastewater the Trident releases after each water test.

Consistent Results

The Trident automatically pulls samples from your aquarium water and makes separate tests for calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium. The discharge line is run directly into a drain or collection container so you don't have to be present for the continuous testing and recording of test results.

The minimum frequency of testing is 4x per day for alkalinity, 2x per day for calcium, and 2x per day for magnesium but you can program the Trident to test more frequently if you wish to gain even closer insights into the conditions inside your aquarium.  The frequency of testing is critical and is what helps to ensure reliable and accurate test results. This also allows you to monitor the changes that happen in your aquarium's water chemistry throughout the day. 

Fusion Dashboard for Trident

Constant Monitoring

All of your test results are logged in your Apex and available via Fusion. You can view historical data via easy-to-read graphs that allow you to track conditions over time and even overlay the graphs to help understand the relationship with other critical parameters like temperature and pH.

Using this data, you can create alerts and notifications to protect your tank from falling into severe imbalance. You can also automate any other piece of equipment using the data collected from your Trident. For example, you may program the Apex to automatically turn off your calcium reactor should you experience a spike in alkalinity or falling pH. You might be reminded to refill your dosing containers or check the operation of your dosing pump after receiving a notification that your major element levels are dropping.  

Simplified Dosing

When paired with a Neptune Systems DOS, the Trident becomes all-powerful. Not only are you automating the process of regular water testing but you can also control and oversee the dosing of your calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium supplements and eliminate the need for manual dosing and adjustments.  This will not only result in easier maintenance of your aquarium but also gives you the insight to create a far more consistent dosing regimen and ultimately more stable conditions for your corals.