Swapping out the reagents on your Neptune Systems Trident can be expensive and you want to make sure that you are using every bit of it. That’s where the Reagent Needle Guides from Neat Aquatics come into play. With these guides, you can ensure that the Tridents reagent needles are straight and properly submerged in the bottom of the reagent bottles. With the reagent you are saving, this “Neat” accessory will pay for itself in just a few months while maximizing the performance of your Trident system.

How They Work

The Neat Aquatics Needle Guides for the Neptune Systems Trident includes a package of three color-coordinated inserts. For installation, you will first want to unscrew each cap of the reagent bottle and place the proper guide funnel in the neck of the bottle. Then, you will push the Trident’s needle into the guide and screw the cap back on. You will then want to repeat this with each of your reagent bottles. Now that each needle is straight, it will allow your Trident to use all of the reagents in each bottle.

Additional Information

  • These inserts will help prevent the tube from getting pinched from improper alignment which could lead to inaccuracies in your testing.
  • Each of the inserts is color-coordinated for ease of installation. The orange insert pairs with reagent A, blue pairs with reagent B, and green pairs with reagent C.
  • The lip on each funnel allows you to easily remove them and swap them over to a new bottle of reagent.