How does the Neptune Systems Trident Work?

The Trident is an automated calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium testing device for your reef Aquarium designed to be connected to your Neptune Systems Apex. It draws water from your aquarium, tests the parameters one by one, then stores the values. Using the Apex Fusion app, users can access their current and historical test results. The results can then be used to control the Neptune Systems DOS dosing pump for precision supplementation of your tank's critical major elements. 

Do you need an Apex to use a Trident?

Yes, you will need a Neptune Systems Apex with Fusion app to use a Trident and access your test results and control your tank's major elements using a DOS.  

How accurate is the Neptune Systems Trident?

The short answer is, very accurate! The reason being is you remove the risk for human error that comes with your standard hobby-grade liquid test kits. Your results are going to be more consistent because the tests are being performed the exact same way, each and every time. 


  • +/- 0.05 dKH Alkalinity
  • +/- 15 ppm Calcium
  • +/- 15 ppm Magnesium

Every batch of reagents includes a calibration solution to ensure your Trident is performing the tests as accurate as possible with each and every reagent refill. 

How do you use a Neptune Systems Trident?

Using Apex Fusion, the "Tasks" feature will walk you through every step of the setup and maintenance. This will include written instructions along with video tutorials for everything including the initial setup, reagent refills, maintenance, and automating your DOS.

How long are the Neptune Systems Trident reagents good for?

Each reagent has a 12-month shelf life. This is important for the accuracy of your tests so you don't want to buy more than a 6 month supply at a time.