The Red Sea MAX Nano redefines what it means to be an all-in-one aquarium. Not only do you get a well-built aquarium with the filtration system built right into the back of the aquarium, but you also get all of those essential pieces of gear that come with maintaining a successful reef aquarium including filter media, a protein skimmer, an ATO system, return pump, and even reef capable LED lighting! That means you won't be stuck doing hours of research trying to find equipment that fits into your filter compartments and you won't be forced to rely upon bulky hang-on equipment that defeats the purpose of having an AIO tank, to begin with.

Red Sea MAX Nano Cube
Red Sea MAX Nano Cube (20 Gallon)

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Red Sea MAX Nano Peninsula
Red Sea MAX Nano Peninsula (26 Gallon)

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The Max NANO series is available in two different sizes, the 20-gallon cube or the slightly larger 26-gallon peninsula, both of which can be purchased with either a white or black Marine-Spec waterproof cabinet stand. Despite the slightly different dimensions, the features are almost identical. 

  • Rimless, ultra-clear glass
  • Built-in AIO rear sump filtration system with all the bells and whistles
    • Max Nano REEF-SPEC Protein Skimmer
    • Surface skimmer with removable combs
    • 225 Micron filter bag, sponges, and REEF-SPEC carbon
    • 240GPH Sicce Return Pump
    • Automatic Top Off unit with 0.4-gallon freshwater reservoir
    • Multidirectional, adjustable eyeball return nozzle
  • Built-in Power Center to turn skimmer and pumps on/off for easy maintenance
  • Rotatable rear sump screen for easy access to filtration compartment
  • Includes ReefLED 50 Light and mount
    • Coral-specific light spectrum with dedicated Moonlight channel
    • WiFi-based lighting control via ReefBeat app
  • Marine-spec aquarium cabinet in weatherproof white or black finish

Step #1 - Cabinet Stand Setup

Assembling the stand is very much like any piece of furniture you get from Ikea but with easier-to-understand instructions. The included manual has pictures with step-by-step tutorials for assembling the entire cabinet stand. You will need a large work area, preferably on a rug or carpet to avoid scratching the stand along with a Phillips head screwdriver and rubber tip mallet. 

  • Assemble the stand on a soft surface and don't slide the panels to avoid scratching them.
  • Unpack the pieces and lay out all of the hardware and organize them by type so it's easy to access the exact piece you need during assembly.
  • Don't overtighten the cam screws.
  • Fasten the cam screws at a perfect 90° angle for easy assembly.
  • Don't overtighten the cam locks.
  • A rubber tip mallet is great for assembling the stand panels together.

Step #2 - Tank & Equipment

This is a quick run through the major steps for setting up the entire Red Sea Max Nano aquarium system.  While it might look like a lot, in less than 20 easy steps you will have completely assembled the aquarium, filtration and lighting included. The tank then immediately be aquascaped and filled with water with no gluing or confusing plumbing required. 

  1. Remove the tank from the packaging
  2. Place black mat on the cabinet
  3. Place the tank on top of the matt
  4. Snap the folding sump screen into place on the back filter wall and fold it down. 
  5. Use the large plastic screws (2x) to install the switch box/light mount on the back of the tank.
  6. Insert the pump into the protein skimmer with the intake facing away from the skimmer's body.
  7. Attach the black plastic venturi to the pump and attach the airline tubing to the venturi.
  8. Place the skimmer into the proper filtration chamber in the proper orientation (reference the user manual)
  9. Attach tubing to the return pump and slide the bayonet fitting into place.
  10. Install the flexible nozzle return outlet.
  11. Insert the coarse sponge around the tubing.
  12. Drop the entire pump assembly into the filtration chamber and use the bayonet fitting to secure it to the back filter wall
  13. Drop in the ATO reservoir
  14. Attach the swiveling light arm to the switch box/light bracket using the included bracket and pins.
  15. Attach the LED light to the ARM
  16. Thread the LED light cable through the mounting arm and insert the cable hole plug.
  17. Connect the protein skimmer and return pump to the switch box power cord connectors.