While the Neptune Systems Apex is an incredibly powerful tool to manage and protect your reef tank, the mounting, extra wires, and general configuration of the controller under your tank can be quite a chore. Combined with your existing power cables and equipment controllers, you will quickly run out of suitable mounting locations without creating a dedicated mounting panel. 

Enter Adaptive Reef which has revolutionized controller mounting with a complete line of Controller Boards that provide aquarists with a thoughtful solution to mounting controllers and cable management. The boards are made from waterproof expanded PVC which makes them lightweight yet durable and incredibly easy to cut, drill, and customize to suit your needs.  The front of the board is intended to provide a central mounting space for all of your controllers while the back of the board is outfitted with shelves and mounting bars to manage your cables, mount power supplies, and easily route tubing or wires.  

Not only does this keep all of your control devices centralized and easy to access, but also allows you to organize and clean up that confusing mess of cables and wires that plagues aquarium owners. There is also the added benefit of being able to easily ID those cables and wires, then make changes as needed without having to rip apart your entire control system.

Neptune Systems Custom Controller Board

For users of the Neptune Systems Apex, the custom Neptune Systems Board takes it a step further because it is prefabricated to accommodate all of the important components of a Neptune Systems Controller.  You won't have to think about where to mount the various components or struggle to find space because everything is already organized and laid out right out of the box.  

The stylish boards are adorned with an LED-backlit Neptune Systems logo and provide space for the base unit, EB832, up to 2 additional modules, and a 7-8" tablet that can be used to access Apex Fusion. Each space is ready for mounting with pre-drilled mounting holes so you won't have to fuss with any templates or worry about mounting things level.  There are also dedicated cable cutouts and channels for power cords so you can neatly tuck the cords away out of plain sight. The back of the board has 3 cord rails and a shelf to secure wires and power supplies using velcro or zip-ties. The hinged front panel allows you to access the back of the board while the french cleat keeps the entire assembly secured to the wall or tank stand. 


  • Dimensions: 15.2"L x 25.4"H x 3.5"W
  • Materials: PVC Board
  • Cord Rails: 7
  • Internal Shelf: 1x 7”L x 2.5”W

What’s Included?

  • Custom Neptune Systems Controller Board
  • Neptune Systems LED Logo Board
  • Power Supply
  • Remote Control
  • French Cleat Wall Mount
  • Hinges
  • 2x Cord Cutout Plugs
  • 2x Velcro Mount Sets for LED Logo Board