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Aquarists today are more widely successful than ever before and we can accredit a big part of that success to smart devices and the ability to have constant contact with our aquarium's life support equipment.

The ReefBeat app is Red Sea's smart control app that manages their Wi-Fi-capable smart devices via a phone or tablet. While most of us are accustomed to this technology in our day-to-day lives, it really is quite powerful and convenient when used to oversee your aquarium. 

Cohesive and Comprehensive

For over 25 years, Red Sea has been providing aquarists with products and solutions tailored for marine aquariums. The creation of their wildly popular all-in-one aquariums kits like the original Red Sea Max and Red Sea Reefer aquariums really skyrocketed the brand and since they have developed a complete line of life support equipment to create a cohesive and comprehensive experience for hobbyists. 

All of the Red Sea smart devices are Wi-Fi-capable and connect to your home network so you can then access, program, and monitor those devices using the ReefBeat app on your phone. Using the online connectivity mode, Red Sea supplies cloud-based services for your devices so you can watch the status of your devices and receive notifications, no matter where you are. 

If you don't want to allow for constant connectivity, you can take advantage of the offline connectivity feature which syncs up to your local Wi-Fi network giving you direct access to set up and program your devices using the ReefBeat app. You can save those settings and only access the equipment when you see fit.  

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ReefBeat Advantage

Constant Monitoring

The most profound benefit of having constant communication with your aquarium's life support equipment is the ability to be notified when something goes wrong.  If any one of these devices malfunctions or is offline, the ReefBeat app sends you a notification right on your phone so you can take action.  This window of opportunity is often the difference between the survival and quick demise of your aquarium inhabitants. Knowing is half the battle! 

If you have had an aquarium for any length of time you most certainly know that eventually, something will go wrong. The ReefBeat app gives you and your aquarium a much better chance at survival through those unexpected circumstances.

For example, if your dosing pump is offline during vacation it could be as quick as 12 hours before your parameters start to fall out of acceptable range. If your Lighting System or Powerheads go down, corals may suffer and eventually perish if left without sufficient flow or lighting. Being notified at least gives you the chance to take action before the situation gets worse. 

You can also gain access to performance logs to see how your equipment is operating.  Find out how much of the fleece roll you are using each day and be notified when the roll has run out. Find out how much of your additives you have used over a particular period of time so you can refill your dosing containers before they run out.  

RedSea ReefLED ReefBeat App

Convenient Setup

Setting up your devices is incredibly easy and gives you more advanced options such as presets and scheduling for both your lighting system and wave pumps. Maybe, you want the pumps to calm down or speed up at certain times throughout the day, this can be done. You can create custom programs and take advantage of feed holds or maintenance modes with the push of a button.

You won't need to utilize any bulky timers or complicated aquarium controllers, everything is easily accessible via the app and saved to your devices. You don't have to be highly experienced or technologically savvy to use the app, it was designed intuitively and gives users just enough guidance to be successful without being overwhelming.

Red Sea Reefer G2 Aquarium


The Red Sea is a team of very passionate aquarists who believe in their products and back their approach using science and data. Each product is designed to specifically meet the particular needs of saltwater reef aquarists and uphold a level of quality that we have come to expect from high-end aquarium gear.  While all of the Red Sea intelligent devices are compatible with the Red Sea line of aquariums, they are also perfectly suitable for use in any other saltwater aquarium.

The devices were designed to accommodate a wide range of aquariums sizes and accommodate both novice and advanced aquarists. This flexibility means you can outfit your tank with Red Sea's smart products and take advantage of the ReefBeat app no matter your level of experience or tank size. Each of the products operates individually so you can pick and choose the most valuable components for your tank and centralize the control of your chosen devices using the ReefBeat app. 

As it stands today, the ReefBeat app provides many of the same benefits you would get with the use of a third-party aquarium controller without the need for additional hardware. Looking into the future, Red Sea can continue to develop smart devices to further empower the ReefBeat ecosystem and provide hobbyists with even more comprehensive control and monitoring capabilities. A ReefBeat-powered wifi power strip and a monitoring device that collects water temperature and pH would be huge in this department. While we have no concrete information about what Red Sea has planned, we really hope to see the ReefBeat ecosystem come full circle.  

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