Bulk Reef Supply Reverse Osmosis Deionization Systems only take a few minutes to have connected and making purified water. All of the plumbing on the RO/DI unit will be complete and all you will need to do is connect the tubing to a suitable source water connection, and direct the product and wastewater lines. BRS 4 Stage RO/DI systems have 1 sediment filter, 1 carbon block, 1 membrane, and 1 deionization stage making them perfect for water that is treated with low amounts of chlorine or clean well water.

Red Tubing - Source water RO intake
Blue Tubing - Purified product water from the DI
Black Tubing - Wastewater

  1. Unpackage the RODI system and select the source water adapter of your choice and with your home's water turned OFF, install the source water adapter to a cold water line. Connecting any reverse osmosis system to a hot water line may cause irreversible damage to the membrane.
  2. Attach the Red line to the source water connection adapter.
  3. Direct the Blue product water line to a suitable water storage/collection container. This is the water that you will want to use in your aquarium.
  4. Connect/Direct the Black wastewater line to a drain. Wastewater is considered a brine solution that should not be used in aquariums. The brine will be extremely hard, and high in TDS.
  5. When all three connections are made, slowly turn on the source water supply and allow the system to run for one hour discarding any water produced through the Black or Blue lines. (Discarding the first couple gallons of product water allows your carbon blocks to flush any potential fines and preservation oils from the surface of the membranes.)
  6. While the system is priming and rinsing, it is a good time to check for leaks from any fittings or connection points. Should you find a leak, tightening the threaded fittings is usually all it takes. Otherwise, contact our Customer Service team for support. 
  7. Your Bulk Reef Supply RO/DI System is now ready for use.

For downloadable instructions please select your system below:

4 Stage Value RODI Owners Manual 4 Stage Value RO/DI Instructions

4 Stage Value Plus RODI Owners Manual 4 Stage Value Plus RO/DI Instructions


If you have any other questions or need further help contact our reefing experts at 763-432-9691.