Testing your aquarium is crucial in order to maintain an ideal environment for fish and corals.  Recording your test results has a number of benefits but most of all, it allows you to go back and reference your water parameters and compare this with your supplementation regiment to ensure you are giving your tank what it needs in order thrive.

Scheduling and recording your maintenance routine can be beneficial as well in order to reference when you changed your media last, or did your last water exchange.

In addition to controlling your equipment, the major aquarium control systems include a log feature that will store water parameters and display them on a graph for you to reference.

The water parameters monitored using a probe (temperature, pH, ORP) connected to the controller can automatically be recorded.  Parameters that are monitored using home test kits can be manually entered for tracking and reference as you see fit. Here is a list of our favorite controllers.

Thanks to modern technology, there are also a ton of apps and online software to choose from that allow you to record your test results and track your tanks progress and maintenance.  Here is a list of some of the most widely used apps in the hobby. Something to note here is that some of these will even integrate with your aquarium controller and pull data for referencing within the app or software.

  • AquaticLog
  • ReefTrace Live
  • Aquarium Note
  • Aquarimate
  • ReefWare

For those of you who prefer to do this more analog, you can certainly just write it all down in a notebook or create a spreadsheet. We found this really powerful pre-formatted spreadsheet on ReefCentral thanks to user MojaveReefer.  You can download it via the thread below.

  • Reef Central Thread

If you would like to submit an aquarium test result log or maintenance calendar for inclusion on this list, email submissions to social@marinedepot.com.