Best Alkalinity Test Kit of 2019 - Which reef tank kit gets our THUMBS UP?

Tropic Marin Pro KH Test Kit

No calculations required

A classic liquid titration type test kit with a distinct color change making it easy for users to determine the end point. No calculation is required when referencing the included chart so you can quickly and easily get accurate results with each test.

Cost per test: $0.43

Hanna Instruments dKH Alkalinity Checker

Instant digital readout

The device that changed the lives of SPS hobbyists forever! The dKH Checker produces an accurate digital readout of your alkalinity levels in under 60 seconds and eliminates the need to recognize any sort of color change so users can be confident that no matter who performs the test, results will be accurate each and every time.

Cost per test: $0.36

LaMotte Alkalinity Test Kit

Lab quality testing equipment

LaMotte specializes in lab quality testing equipment which is evident in the high-end materials included with this test kit such as the plastic hard shell case, easy to use syringe, laminated color card and reagent containers with syringe port. It will withstand the test of time for use around your aquarium and provide accurate results test after test.

Cost per test: $0.42

Salifert Alkalinity Test Kit

Affordable, easy and accurate

The most popular reef tank test kit brand of all time. Salifert test kits are affordable, easy to use and produce results with an acceptable range of accuracy to keep your water chemistry stable. They also produce one of the best user manuals with clear infographics and accurate depictions of sample color to help eliminate confusion that is common with first timers.

Cost per test: $0.16

Red Sea Alkalinity Pro Test Kit

Only one reagent

The only alkalinity test kit with a single reagent making the testing procedures quick and easy for any level of hobbyist. The included plastic storage container, laminated instruction card and unique one-hand titration applicator make it one the best values among the lot. You can expect accurate results and high quality components at a reasonable price.

Cost per test: $0.24

AquaForest Alkalinity Test Kit

Includes reference solution

The only test kit to provide users with a standard reference solution which allows you to train yourself and ensure you are performing the test procedures correctly. After just a few tests it should be easy to get accurate results each and every time and it is the most afforable dKH kit we carry.

Cost per test: $0.15

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