Best Magnesium Test Kit of 2019: Our new go-to reef tank Magnesium test!

NYOS Magnesium Test Kit

High quality components and reagents

NYOS test kits include high quality components with calibrated syringes for consistent drop sizes and all of the reagents are analysed using NIST standards. Combined with a very distinct end point color change, you can expect accurate results time and time again.

Cost per test: $0.40

AquaForest Magnesium Test Kit

Ryan’s Top Pick

All of the AquaForest test kits are unique in that they include a reference solution which helps the user train themselves to perform the testing procedures correctly. They are also the only magnesium kit that specifically instructs the user to reference calcium levels which does play a role in the test results, most of the other kits simply assume typical reef tank calcium levels. This means confidence in your results and eliminates the frustration of having to repeat the test.

Cost per test: $0.30

Red Sea Magnesium Pro Test Kit

Randy's "go to" test kit brand

Red Sea does an excellent job across the board with all of the PRO series test kits and include plastic storage boxes, laminated instruction cards and quality components for long lasting performance. They replaced the typical dry powder reagent found in other magnesium kits with a liquid reagent which helps save time and makes for hassle free testing.

Cost per test: $0.35

Salifert Magnesium Test Kit

Easy to use and reliable

Salifert has long been the hobby favorite because they are affordable and offer individual test kits for a wide variety of parameters specific to reef tanks. The magnesium kit in particular is easy to use with clear, graphical instructions that walk you through the test kit without having to read the fine print or go through confusing written steps.

Cost per test: $0.39

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