Best Calcium Test Kit of 2019: Six reef tank calcium tests ... TWO winners!

Hanna Instruments Calcium Checker

Instant digital readout

The Hanna Checkers are the first handheld electronic water testing devices made specifically for testing major reef tank parameters and eliminate some of the common frustrations and possible errors with typical liquid titration and color reference test kits. The calcium checker provides hobbyists with an instant digital readout of calcium levels in just easy 3 steps.

Cost per test: $0.92

LaMotte Calcium Test Kit

Lab quality components

LaMotte produces lab grade test kits with high quality components such as the hardshell storage case, glass vials, and lab quality syringes. The calcium test kit provides users with a lab type experience and great for those of you who enjoy the chemistry side of the reef aquarium hobby. Something clever we noticed during our review is that they replaced the dry powder reagent for a convenient tablet which helps ensure accurate results with each and every test.

Cost per test: $0.60

Salifert Calcium Test Kit

Affordable and accurate

This is one of the most widely used reef aquarium test kits and has been for some time. Salifert makes affordable kits that are accurate enough to keep your water chemistry within range allowing you to spend more time enjoying your reef tank and less time worrying about parameters.

Cost per test: $0.25

Red Sea Calcium Pro Test Kit

Easy to use with quality components

The high quality components such as glass vials, hardshell storage case and laminated instructions are nice to withstand the wear and tear around your tank. The unique one-hand titration tool prevents spills and makes it easy to accurately release consistantly sized drops when performing the titration. The color change is distinct helping users to easily determine the end point for consistent results time and time again.

Cost per test: $0.45

NYOS Calcium Test Kit

German engineered

NYOS focuses on quality control by including calibrated syringes, german engineered dropper bottles and sending all reagents for analysis using NIST standards. The tests are afforably priced and bring accurate seawater testing to any level of hobbyist.

Cost per test: $0.40

AquaForest Calcium Test Kit

Includes reference solution

The only test kit to provide users with a standard reference solution which allows you to train yourself and ensure you are performing the test procedures correctly. After just a few tests it should be easy to get accurate results each and every time.

Cost per test: $0.30

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