In the world of aquarium-keeping, the excitement is usually directed toward the corals, fish, plants and other aquatic life. We also "geek out" on all the cool lighting, flow, and filter options out there.

The aquarium stand, on the other hand, is more of an afterthought.

Who wants to hang out and compare notes on an aquarium cabinet? What's there to talk about? Well, there is something new in aquarium stands and we think you'll want to know about it!

Innovative Marine, the company you know for manufacturing beautiful aquariums, has come up with a new type of aquarium stand that is attractive and functional. Here's what you need to know.

New Materials. New Technology.

Most APS stands are available in Matte Black or Wood Finish.

Most aquarium stands are made of MDF (medium density fiberboard) or cabinet grade plywood. Manufacturers have pretty much perfected the wooden aquarium stand. Innovative Marine, always thinking outside the box, came up with a line of aluminum aquarium stands.

You may be thinking they probably look like something from a commercial kitchen, but you'd be wrong. The APS (Aluminum Profile Series) stands are constructed of extruded structural aluminum components. Aluminum is strong, lightweight and corrosion-resistant.

Unlike wood, aluminum is not weakened from moisture or water spills. This is especially important if you have a sump under the tank. Fish rooms can get quite humid. Salt creep attracts moisture to the wood, too. The APS stands are assembled using special tension blocks hidden inside the components. The blocks lock together with a turn of a screw. But unlike Swedish furniture, the APS stands are locked together metal to metal with no wiggles or instability.

Each corner is engineered to support 300 pounds!

They're built to handle the heavy weight of aquariums loaded with water, rock, lighting, and filtration. The stand comes with two dense foam panels. One panel is placed under the stand. The other goes in between the aquarium and top of the stand. This foam self-levels the set-up and compensates for variations in the floor and aquarium. Each stand comes with easy to understand, step-by-step instructions that anyone can follow.

NUVO APS Aluminum Profile Series Stand An Aluminum Profile Series (APS) stand will probably outlast your aquarium. Is that a shelf? :)

Sound great! But how do they look?

The aluminum components are anodized with either a wood-grain or matte black finish. You won’t be able to tell the stand is made of aluminum.

The finish looks just like high-quality wood and paint finishes. And because the finish is not made of adhesive vinyl, it won't peel or flake off.

More good news is that you don't have to have an Innovative Marine aquarium to use an APS stands. The stands are available for purchase by themselves, without the tank, in a variety of sizes. Some are open frames with no cabinet doors (a very cool look!) or with panels. Others are enclosed with cabinets.

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Which Aluminum Profile Series stand is right for you?

Compare the dimensions of your current tank or the aquarium you may be considering to our APS Stand Chart below. If it fits, the stand will work with your aquarium!

Stand Dimensions Doors Finish
Peninsula 14 Open Stand 12" x 20" x 36" N/A Matte Black or Wood Finish
Peninsula 20 Open Stand 12" x 30" x 36" N/A Matte Black or Wood Finish
Fusion 20 Open Stand 12" x 15" x 36" N/A Matte Black or Wood Finish
Fusion 10 Cabinet Stand 12" x 15" x 36" 1 Matte Black
Peninsula 14 Cabinet Stand 12" x 20.25" x 35.81" 1 Matte Black
Peninsula 20 Cabinet Stand 12" x 30.06" x 35.81" 1 Matte Black
Fusion 20 Cabinet Stand 23.81" x 15.12" x 35.81" 2 Matte Black
Lagoon 25 / Fusion 40 Cabinet Stand  24" x 20" x 36" 2 Matte Black or Wood Finish
Fusion 30L Cabinet Stand 36" x 15" x 36" 2 Matte Black or Wood Finish
Lagoon 50 Cabinet Stand 30" x 24" x 16" 2 Matte Black or Wood Finish
SR 60 Cabinet Stand 36" x 24" x 36" 2 Matte Black or Wood Finish
SR 80 Cabinet Stand 48" x 24" x 36" 3 Matte Black or Wood Finish


If you're picking up an Innovative Marine aquarium, it only makes sense to get an APS stand to match. Old MDF aquarium stands become weak from moisture and spills. The finish is usually in poor shape too. Why not invest in new technology and enjoy the modern looks and super-strength of Innovative Marine APS aquarium stand?

You heard it here first: APS Stands are getting shelves!

Coming Soon! APS Stand Shelf Kits

APS Stand Shelf Kit What will you put on your shelf?

On a recent visit to Innovative Marine's headquarters in Cerritos, CA, we spied shelves inside several of the Aluminum Profile Series stands that were on display with their tanks. Of course, this excited us to no end ... so we asked them about it!

Royce Suzuki, Innovative Marine's Director of Marketing, spilled the beans. He said the shelves lock into place using the same tension lock system that secure the frames of the stand in place. Each APS Stand Shelf Kit will include one HDF (high density fiberboard) shelf that will fit perfectly inside the stand along with four cam locks to lock it in place.

The coolest feature about these new shelves is that you can position them at any height you want inside the stand. So you can place one near the top for food, another underneath for your doser, and so forth. This sort of post-purchase personalization of an aquarium stand is an industry first to our knowledge. Whether you want a single shelf in the middle or three shelves equally spaced apart, it's really up to you! You're only restricted by space, so if you have a NUVO-EXT tank with a sump in the stand, these probably aren't for you.

Innovative Marine APS Stand Shelf Kits will be available in the United States around July 2018. Shelves will start at approximately $25 (for the Fusion 10 Cabinet Stand) all the way up to $40 (for the SR 80 Cabinet Stand). We were also told that the shelves for the Shallow Reef 80 gallon stand will be full-length—extending all the way across the stand—instead of being cut in the middle, as is the case with some aquarium shelving systems.

APS Stand Assembly Videos

How to assemble a NUVO APS Open Stand

How to assemble a NUVO APS Cabinet Stand

How to assemble a NUVO APS Cabinet 80 Stand