We’ve got some great news for seahorse fans!

Quality Marine has announced the availability of aquacultured Tiger Tail seahorses (Hippocampus comes) for the aquarium trade. Tiger Tails are native Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Males are usually black, females are yellow. Both have a camouflage of stripes and blotches with dramatic markings around the eyes. Young seahorses cling to swaying sargassum and macroalgae beds. Timid adults hide in coral reefs during the day, coming out to feed at night.

Wild populations of tiger tail seahorses are on the decline due to habitat changes and collection for folk medicine. Fortunately, the species has been successfully aquacultured in Vietnam for export to the aquarium trade.

Wild-caught seahorses are generally considered difficult to care for in the aquarium. However, with proper care aquacultured Tiger Tails will thrive in captivity. They should be kept in a species aquarium with gentle flow and pristine, stable water conditions. Tiger Tails enjoy the company of other seahorses and pipefish. Gorgonians or plastic plants will provide upright structures for the fish to cling to.

We’re thrilled to see the list of aquacultured marine life grow to include the beautiful Tiger Tail seahorse. Thanks to the efforts of Quality Marine we’ll continue to see the list grow!