How do I attach tubing to the Sicce Ultra Zero pump?

The Ultra Zero has a standard 3/4" garden hose male threaded output. The Python No-Spill system comes standard with garden hose connections and will work without any sort of modifications. You can also find all kinds of adapters and connections at your local hardware store since this is such a common size connection around US households. You can just as easily take a length of 1/2" - 3/4" vinyl tubing and add a garden hose adaptor on one end of it too. Shoot, even a generic garden hose with plastic ends will work for simple maintenance and moving water during water changes. 

How low will it drain the water?

The Sicce Ultra Zero will pump water down to 2mm, which is extremely low and the primary selling point for this pump specifically. It allows you to completely empty your saltwater storage container or empty out your sump with ease. 

The maximum head height is 10ft meaning the pump can deliver water up to a maximum of 10 vertical feet. 

What is the Sicce Ultra Zero designed for?

This style of pump is often called a "sump pump" that is specifically made to pump water out of containers or basements. The low water level is nice for removing water in situations where there isn't a bottom drain or some other way of emptying the water 100%.

In this case, Sicce gave it their touch making it super heavy-duty and rated for use with saltwater because it has some super great uses in and around our tanks. Specifically easier, faster water changes. 

  • Pump water out of your sump or tank for water changes
  • Pumping water into your tank from the saltwater storage bin
  • Mixing saltwater or recirculating water in a mixing station
  • Cleaning up after minor floods and overflows!!

How do I clean the Sicce Ultra Zero?

Like any other pump, a Citric Acid solution does the trick.  The impeller can be removed and scrubbed clean from the bottom. 

Is the Sicce Ultra Zero better than other utility pumps?

Being Sicce, it is one of the best saltwater aquarium pump brands on the market. We use a ton of Sicce pumps here at BRS.

The design of this Ultra Zero pump gives the pump a leg up when performing water changes specifically. You can empty your sump and saltwater storage bin almost 100%. That means you can more effectively clean the detritus that collects in your sump and you won't be wasting as much saltwater! On top of that, the speed at which the pump moves water makes the entire process happen much faster in many situations.