Aquarium controllers, like the Neptune Systems Apex, are incredible tools to help automate and protect your reef aquarium while also improving your personal reef-keeping experience. With control at your fingertips via a web portal or app, tank owners have immediate access to ALL of their life support equipment and this is what makes controllers so powerful, having that direct control when you are away from your tank.

When you are at home or working on your tank directly, opening up an app or loading your PC is not always the most convenient route to do something simple like feed your fish tank or find out if your ATO reservoir needs filling. Adaptive Reefs Controller Accessories has improved this experience with their Toggle Switches, Status Indicators, and Audible Alarm boxes that give the user a leg up by bypassing the need for an app or browser to get real-time status feedback and make quick changes when in front of their tank. 

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  • Dimensions: 5” x 1.75” x 3”
  • Heavy Duty Cord Length: 8ft
  • 2x strong adhesive Velcro strips for mounting
  • User Manual with setup diagrams and programming templates

Adaptive Reef Apex Accessory Boxes

Six Switch Toggle Box

This toggle box connects to the I/O port on your Apexs’ head unit using the 8 pin Mini-DIN cable and it is the best way to trigger an action while standing in front of your reef tank. This module provides two on-off toggle switches along with four momentary switches in the form of pushbuttons. The switches can be used in a number of different ways, perhaps the most common would be turning off a skimmer or pump for feeding or maintenance. How about triggering an automatic water change, enable a total shutdown of all equipment, or even trigger a lighting photography mode when integrated with the Neptune Systems SKY LED light. 

Dual-Light Status Indicator

This indicator connects to the 24V ports on your Neptune Systems EB832, FMM, or 1Link Modules and can be programmed to give you an idea of what is happening inside your reef tank at a quick glance. The red and green lights each have separate 24V cables meaning they can be individually programmed to monitor different devices or work together to indicate the health or overall status of chosen devices.

For example, you could have the red light ON when your ATO is filling and OFF when it is not. At the same time, the green light could be ON when your return pump is running and OFF when it is not. Another scenario might be an overall system indicator for tank-sitters; program the Red Light to flash when a problem arises and show green when all systems are normal. This way someone watching the tank can notify you right away should something happen.    

Audible & Visual Alarm Box

Just like the Dual-Light Status Indicator, the Alarm Box connects to the 24V ports on your Neptune EB832, FMM, or 1Link Modules. This alarm box is a great way to add a layer of redundancy to your system giving you both an audible and visual alarm that can alert you to any catastrophic situation or event. This can include an alert set off by a Neptune LDK that notifies you of a detected leak or how about pump blockage or failure via power monitoring and flow sensors.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Each of these accessories can provide unique improvements to your APEX system and none of them are better than the others. In order to select which of these modules may make a good choice for you and your reefing habits, it’s important to consider the type of maintenance you perform and how your experience can be improved. All of these units work extremely well with one another. For example, you can use the toggle switch box to shut off your pump when doing a water change while programming the alarm box to make sure you don’t forget to turn the pump back on when you're done. The possibilities with these modules are endless and the AskBRStv Facebook Group, the Neptune System Community Forums, as well as our YouTube Channel are all great places to further explore their capabilities.