Neptune Systems has long been leading the way when it comes to aquarium control and automation. The Energy Bar 832 pairs with both the ApexEL and full Apex and allows hobbyists to individually control up to 15 accessories via the included ports. The EB832 is the safest, smartest, and most reliable way to plug in all your reefing gear.

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What Type Of Equipment Can It Control & Monitor?

Notification Capabilities

The Neptune EB832 can be your last line of defense to protecting your aquarium investment. If your Apex notices something is going wrong with any of your equipment including a power failure or drawing too much or too little power, you will be alerted. You can manage your notifications within Apex Fusion to either have them send you a text, an email, or both! 

What Problems Can An EB832 Detect?

  • Clogged Pumps
  • ATO Failures
  • Dosing Issues
  • Lighting Disruptions
  • Heater Leaking Current
  • Power Outage
  • Water Leaks

Neptune Systems EB832

The Energy Bar Ports

A 100w 24V power supply is built directly into the energy bar to provide power to all of the 16 individual ports listed below.

  • Eight Standard Outlets: Each outlet has 7 amps and the power bar has LEDs that show the status of each individual outlet. All of the outlets can monitor power draw usage and they can be set to alert you if the draw goes out of your pre-set range.
  • Three 1Link Ports: You can use these to power a combination of up to three Neptune WAV Pumps, a Neptune DOS, and a Neptune Trident.
  • Two Accessory Ports: These ports allow you to power a variety of accessories including the Neptune GRO, Neptune PMUP, and other solenoids.
  • Three Aquabus Ports: One of these ports will be used to plug into the Apex head unit. The others can be used to daisy-chain additional EB832’s, power the Neptune COR pumps, or any other Neptune modules.

EB832 Ports

EB832 Compatible Neptune Systems Modules

In addition to direct connection to your Apex or ApexEL aquarium controller, the EB832 can work alongside any of these popular modules to further expand your control ecosystem. 

  • AFS: Neptune’s auto-feeding system allows you to program fish feedings using Apex Fusion.
  • ATK: Neptune’s ATO system that keeps the water level in your display or sump consistent.
  • FMM: The Fluid-Monitoring-Module allows hobbyists to install flow, water-level, and leak-detection sensors on their systems.
  • LDK: The Leak-Detection-Kit provides everything you need to get leak detection out of your Neptune Apex.
  • PM: The different probe modules allow reefers to install monitoring probes for temperature, salinity, PH, and ORP.
  • VDM: The Variable-Dimming-Module provides reefers with the ability to dim their LED lights from companies like Aquaillumination.
  • SKY LED: The Neptune SKY LED can be powered through the Aquabus ports when it is connected and controlled through Apex Fusion.