Having the proper internal water flow in your reef aquarium is crucial for the health of the entire contained ecosystem. Everything from the smallest microbes and bacteria up through your fish and corals is dependant upon sufficient water flow. In fact, modern reef aquarists have come to learn that having the right type and amount of flow in your reef tank is as equally important as lighting, water chemistry, and nutrition. 

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Basic Features

For larger aquariums in need of controllable, reliable, and powerful flow, look no further than the Tunze Turbelle Stream 3. This DC controllable pump uses unique technology and a massive impeller to create large amounts of flow while eliminating contact with moving parts and thus preserving the life of the pump. The Stream 3 includes the same Turbelle Stream pump controller we have come to love from Tunze's lineup meaning you get the basic speed and pulse modes settings along with a direct 0-10v control port for more precision control via external control devices.  Interchangeable flow guards give the user even more broad-spectrum control by shaping the flow pattern as it exits the pump. As with all Tunze products, the Stream 3 is robust, engineered to last through the rigors of a saltwater reef tank, and includes a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

What’s In The Box?

  • Turbelle Stream 3 Pump
  • Turbelle Controller
  • Magnetic Mounts
  • Flow Attachments
  • Foam Guard
  • Power Supply & Cable
  • User Manual
  • Adhesive Mounting Strips


  • Dimensions: 3.7" x 2.7" x 7.2"
  • Minimum Flow Rate: 660 GPH
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 4,000 GPH
  • Power Consumption: 3.5 - 50 watts
  • Tank Size Rating: 75 - 800 Gallons

Tunze Turbelle Stream 3 Package Contents


The Turbelle Stream 3 controller will be very familiar to those who have used Tunze powerheads before. You can program constant flow between 660 and 4,000 gallons per hour or set up a pulsing action controlling both the strength and frequency of the pulse via the analog dials. Additionally, there is an auto-adjust feature to help the user quickly create standing waves and a feed mode that suspends pump operation for a designated amount of time.

The Stream 3 can also be electronically controlled via the 0-10v control port and appropriate Tunze Link Cables connected to your favorite aquarium controller with 0-10v control capabilities. Stream 3 is compatible with Tunze’s Safety Connector for direct connection to a battery backup so you can be confident your aquarium is protected against short power outages. 

Stream 3 Flow Guard Attachments

Flow Guard Attachments

  • No Attachment: It is possible to run this pump without any of these attachments and it will yield a strong, broad, and turbulent type flow with zero diffusion and, consequently, minimal noise.
  • HoneyComb Attachment: Protects your aquarium inhabitants from entering the impeller area of the pump while also narrowing the flow.  The result is a gentle, uniform flow. 
  • Flow Deflector: This attachment allows you to mount the pump vertically and it is the best choice for use on smaller tanks between 75 and 150 gallons. The deflector will allow you to use the surface of your water to distribute the flow throughout your system without having to turn down the pump significantly. The deflector will have the flow coming out at an angle rather than it being straight from the front of the impeller.
  • Rectifier Attachment: Narrowist output and will allow you to provide the strongest and most direct, laminar type flow for applications where you need to move water from one side of your aquarium to the other.
  • Foam Flow Guard: Protects small animals/micro-organisms from entering the pump through the intake strainer. Keep foam guard clean for optimal performance. 

Mounting Options

The Stream 3 uses a pair of Tunze’s waterproof and magnetic mounts with silicone buffers. These mounts will work perfectly on aquarium panels up to 15 millimeters or ⅔ of an inch thick while absorbing any slight vibration noise that is produced. These pumps can be mounted in any orientation and can even be positioned on your overflow box due to the external magnets also being waterproof. When using the water deflector, this pump has the same limitless positioning capabilities as its younger brother, the Tunze NanoStream 6040.

Additional Considerations

  • The bottom of the pump needs to be mounted two inches from your substrate when vertical and eight inches from your substrate when mounted horizontally. This will prevent your pump from kicking up any sand within your display because of the strong undertow.
  • The process of installing and removing the impeller for maintenance is unique so don't lose your instruction manual. Tunze recommends conducting maintenance on this pump at least once a year.
  • When being used with an external controller, the pump cannot be run lower than 660 GPH or 15% intensity as the impeller will simply stop rotating.
  • Some other Tunze accessories can be used including the Photo Electric Cell for automatic night mode as well as the Y-Cables for hooking up more than one Stream 3 to work in sync or anti-sync.