Controller Boards

Adaptive Reef originally entered the reefing market with their unique controller boards which offer hobbyists a lightweight yet durable platform for mounting controllers and power supplies that are all too common around modern reef aquarium gear. Not only does this help clean up wires and maintain safety, but also makes it much easier to access all of your controllers in a central location. You can take it a step further by adding an emblazoned LED backlit logo display to really show off your aquarium's command center.

The controller boards are available in standard and deluxe models and there are a variety of additional accessories such as a dosing pump shelf, precut faceplates, and short 1ft power cords that can be added to accommodate your particular needs. For larger aquariums or those who just need a bit more mounting space, the Controller Cabinet is an excellent alternative to a controller board that will slide underneath your tank stand or stands alone as its own structure alongside your tank or sump.

Controller Switches

These clever devices are the brainchild of "Apex Control Freaks" everywhere and allow you to create manual switches and audible/visual alarms for your Neptune Systems Apex Aquarium Controller. The 6-way switch toggle box connects directly to your Apex's I/O accessory port and the visual indicator / audible alarm boxes connect using the 24V accessory port.

Using Apex Fusion you can program the switch box to do whatever you like including a feed hold or switching individual pieces of equipment on/off without having to access the controller. The red/green indicator lights are especially useful for monitoring the state of your return pump so as not to forget to turn it back on after feeding or maintenance and the audible/visual alarm box is great for notifying you of something like an overflow, leak, or dangerous temperature shift. 

Plumbing Accessories

Adaptive Reef's inline probe holder and pre-built manifold eliminate the need to fabricate these devices on your own saving you both time and effort. Even if you're not quite ready to use a manifold or inline probe holder right away, you can easily plumb the devices in line with your return pump so they are available when you do need them.

A manifold is not an original idea by any means and hobbyists have been configuring manifolds using common PVC parts for quite some time but Adaptive Reef is the first company to mass produce pre-built manifolds using high-quality schedule 80 PVC. A manifold is quite convenient for those who employ fluidized media reactors, UV sterilizers, and/or algae scrubbers because it eliminates the need for additional pumps and allows you to feed this equipment with water using a single return pump. You can also use the manifold connection ports to pump water out of your aquarium or even return water to a separate display tank or frag system. 

The inline probe holder is not something we have ever seen built specifically for aquariums and allows you to secure 1/2" diameter monitoring probes where they cannot be easily knocked around, protecting them from damage. The probes will be able to quickly identify changes in water chemistry and won't be subject to water level fluctuations or interference from other devices; you will also reduce clutter around your sump by securing the probes and wires remotely. 

Protein Skimmers

The most recent addition to Adaptive Reef's offering of reefing equipment is a line of DC-powered protein skimmers that deliver on multiple levels including convenience, quality construction, and versatility. There are two models available that can accommodate tanks anywhere from 75 to 300+ gallons thanks to the interchangeable neck inserts and adjustable Sicce pump. The included acrylic neck inserts allow you to adjust the diameter of the skimmer's neck based on the level of nutrients in your aquarium. Combined with the ability to adjust the flow using the controllable Sicce SDC skimmer pump, you can achieve optimal nutrient export no matter what your bioload looks likes. The included air flow meter with a valve allows you to further fine-tune the skimmer's performance by regulating the amount of air going into the pump.  

In addition to this impressive versatility, Adaptive Reef spared no expense when it comes to the quality of construction and materials. The skimmer body is made using a combination of PVC and acrylic and is assembled using titanium screws that won't rust or corrode in harsh marine environments. There is an included air silencer to reduce operational noise along with silicone feet to help reduce the transfer of vibrations.

Sicce's SDC pump is equally impressive with its own set of features that further enhance the protein skimmer's performance including 5 preset flow modes and an internal thermometer. The SDC pump is also Apex-Ready making it one of only a handful of protein skimmers that can be directly monitored and controlled using a Neptune Systems Aquarium Controller.