Finding a way to manage all of the equipment we use on modern reef aquariums in an organized and attractive way has become a massive challenge. More tank technology is great but the facts are, we are dealing with more cords and control devices than ever before.  That bird's nest of cords and pile of power bricks is not only unsightly, but it's also a fire hazard and makes it difficult to manage your equipment.

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Adaptive Reef Controller Cabinets and Boards are the best solutions to help you ditch that clutter. They provide a secure foundation for you to organize and attach all of your tank's power cords and control devices without having to build a custom control center.  

Adaptive Reef Controller Cabinet Package Contents

What's In The Box?

  • Front
  • Two Side Panels
  • Top & Bottom Panels
  • Color-Matching Stainless Steel Screws
  • Assembly Instructions

The Specs

  • Controller Cabinet dimensions: 15” x 18.5” x 26”
  • Black or White color options
  • Built using waterproof, non-conductive, expanded-foam PVC board that is both strong and lightweight
  • Faceplate is held in place with two magnets and four pegs

Adaptive Reef mounting

Mounting Your Gear

Expanded-foam PVC board acts just like wood; you can screw it, cut it, sand it, glue it and even paint it. Small wood screws work best for most controller mounts but the PVC surface will accommodate adhesive tape and velcro as well. There are pre-drilled holes throughout the back of the cabinet designed for use with zip ties and twist ties to hold cords and power supplies in place. 

Adaptive Reef mounting board

Equipment Real Estate

There are eight unique faceplates on the front of the cabinet with eight power brick shelves, six cord routing rails, and nine cord cutouts on the back. Each of these cutouts measures 3” x 1.25” which is plenty big enough for 3 prong plugs and extra cordage to pass through.  Being the PVC material is so easy to work with, cutting and customizing is easy should the need arise. If you need additional mounting real-estate, check out the Controller Board expansions.  

Adaptive Reef Add-ons

Optional Add-Ons

Adaptive Reef has done a great job of “Adapting” their cabinets to suit your individual needs.  With their variety of add-ons and accessories, you can build upon the controller cabinet foundation to create a complete control center that is unique to you and your tank.