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The Adaptive Reef Controller Cabinet is a modular wire management system that allows you to customize your equipment organization in a clean and professional-looking manner. Using interchangeable faceplates, you can mount and display everything from controllers and modules, to dosers and pump drivers. On the inside, you can hide all your cords and power bricks. You’ll be able to safely mount power supplies, power strips, and organize your cords so they don’t detract from the beauty of your aquarium. The Controller Cabinet is designed to be placed inside your aquarium stand or beside it as a standalone piece of furniture. The front of the cabinet is attached using rare-earth magnets so you can easily detach it to access the interior.


The Controller Cabinet isn’t like a piece of IKEA furniture, where it looks easy to assemble but turns out to be anything but. You’ll be able to put the cabinet together in 15 minutes or less. There are instructions included inside the box and each piece is labeled to help get you up and running quickly.


Controller Cabinet At-A-Glance

  • 100% water-resistant and non-conductive
  • The front of the cabinet has magnets so you can attach/detach it quickly and easily
  • 8 power brick shelves to secure power supplies
  • 4 interchangeable faceplates are included
  • Zip-tie tracks lock power bricks in place
  • Fits inside some Red Sea and Waterbox Aquarium stands
  • Available in Black or White


Neatly Organize Wires and Mount Power Bricks

There are multiple wire management solutions inside the cabinet. There are eight power brick shelves to secure power supplies up off the ground. This reduces the risk of failure, prevents your power supplies from getting wet, and lessens the likelihood of a fire hazard since your power bricks aren’t all stacked dangerously on top of one another. Zip tie tracks abound so you can lock power bricks in place and neatly arrange cords to get rid of “cable spaghetti.”


Get a Custom Look Without Paying a Custom Price

On the front of the cabinet, there are a total of eight faceplate slots. For that truly professional look, Adaptive Reef offers a variety of faceplates available separately that you can attach to your Controller Cabinet to mount equipment from Neptune Systems, GHL, and more. The way it works is that you attach whichever faceplates you want, in whatever order you want, to the front of the cabinet to fit your needs. Faceplates come in different sizes: single slat (these take up one faceplate slot), double slat (these take up two faceplate slots), and quad slat (these take up four faceplate slots).


Available Faceplates (all options available in black or white) - Click Here

  • DŌS Faceplate - Double Slat
  • Trident Faceplate - Quad Slat
  • Profilux & Expansion Box Faceplate - Single Slat
  • Doser & KH Director Faceplate - Double Slat
  • Recessed Faceplate - Double Slat


There are 4 faceplates included with every Controller Cabinet

  • 1 x faceplate with 3 cutouts for cords - Double Slat
  • 1 x faceplate with 6 cutouts for cords - Quad Slat
  • 2 x blank faceplates - Single Slats


Safe, and Built to Last

The Adaptive Reef Controller Cabinet is built using ½” and 1⁄4” expanded PVC. This lightweight but very durable material can be easily cut, sanded, drilled, or screwed just like plywood to make mounting all of your stuff super easy. The cabinet is made with fire-rated material that is not only inert, but it will never rot. It can be painted and worked on, just like wood! The cabinet is 100% water-resistant and non-conductive for peace of mind and longevity.


Designed to Fit Inside the Red Sea and Waterbox Aquarium Stands

The fact that the Controller Cabinet fits inside the stands of Red Sea Reefer and Waterbox Aquariums is no accident. In fact, they were purpose-built for this specific application. The cabinet has a magnetic face that is removable for easy access inside, even after all the faceplates have been installed. This is particularly helpful when the Controller Cabinet is installed under an aquarium inside the stand. You don’t need to buy anything extra to build your Adaptive Reef Controller Cabinet. Everything is included in the box! However, the Controller Cabinet is a foundation that you can continue to build upon and customize.



  • Dimensions: 15”L x 18.5"W x 26”H
  • Materials: ½” and 1⁄4” PVC Board
  • Faceplate Slots: 8
  • Color: Choice of Black or White


What’s Included?

  • Controller Cabinet Assembly
  • Hardware and stainless steel screws for assembly
  • 8 power brick shelves to secure power supplies
  • 1 x faceplate with 3 cutouts for cords - Double Slat
  • 1 x faceplate with 6 cutouts for cords - Quad Slat
  • 2 x blank faceplates - Single Slats
  • Instructions
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