The Adaptive Reef Controller Cabinet is a full-size box designed to slide right into your aquarium stand and provide a secure location to mount your controllers, displays, dosing pumps, power supplies, and cords.  You can achieve a clean and professional-looking installation without any sort of extensive DIY or custom cabinetry required. The additional Faceplates (sold separately) are custom built to fit popular control devices and equipment such as the Neptune Systems Trident and DOS or the GHL Profilux and KH Director.

The assembly and installation process is easy. Within just a couple of hours time, you can have all your equipment mounted for easy access and organized safely away from moisture and condensation. 

Things You'll Need

  • Adaptive Reef Controller Cabinet
  • Additional Faceplates
  • #2 Phillips Screwdriver
  • Soft surface with enough space for assembly
  • Mounting Hardware - Reusable zip ties, velcro, screws, cord wraps, etc.

Step-By-Step Assembly

  1. Place the top and bottom panels on their sides, facing each other.
  2. Place the side panel on top with the A & B stickers matching those on the side panels.
  3. Align the screw holes and secure the side panel with the included screws. **Do not overtighten screws
  4. Turn the entire assembly over, place the second side panel on top, again matching the A & B stickers.
  5. Align the screw holes and secure the second side panel using the included screws.**Do not overtighten screws
  6. Move the cabinet to its final location for easy access to your equipment.
  7. Attach the front panel by aligning the four pins. The larger end of the front panel rests on the floor/bottom.  Magnets hold the panel in place.
  8. Configure and secure faceplates as desired. **Unscrew all of the faceplates, configure as desired, and secure only after everything has been test fitted.

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Installing Your Gear

Your first step is configuring the faceplates as desired. You will want to take the time to install any of your custom faceplates first, then configure the remaining faceplates as you need them. Do not screw the faceplates down until you are confident with the configuration. Download or make templates for your specific controllers and displays to help you manipulate and configure the front faceplates.

Begin to route your cords and attach your displays and controllers. Use screws whenever possible for mounting but strong Velcro tape works great too. The back-side of the front panel contains shelves to secure your power supplies and tracks to attach and route power cords and wires using zip ties. 

Adaptive Reef makes a variety of accessories and upgrades including a shelf, short power cord, toggle switch, audible alarm, status indicator, and even a smaller controller board should you need more space for mounting. You can mix and match to completely customize your control center without the time and resources required for a completely custom tank stand and professional installation.