Anemone Fragging Time | How to Tuesday

May 13th, 2014
Propagating bubble tip anemones is a surprisingly easy project and is as simple as cutting them in half, letting them grow back, and cutting them in half again. Quickly two will turn into four, turns into eight, and so on.

To setup an anemone propagation system:

1. Get a tank, preferably with no overflow
2. Add flow, use pumps as anemone safe as possible. We used MJ1200 with pre-filters and Hydor rotating heads.
3. Add biological filtration. We used Marine Pure Biospheres because they offer a ton of surface area for filtration and it's easy to remove anemones from them.
4. Add lighting. We used the Kessil LED pendants because they are versatile, easy to use, low cost, and small enough to stay out of the way.

Once you have the system setup you just need to add the anemones. You can start with only one but if you start with a few you will build up your population much faster.

To actually slice the anemone the process is very simple. Use a sharp long razor blade to slice the anemone right through the middle of the mouth, down through the middle of the foot. Try to cut the anemone in one long pass and be sure to use a slicing action. Avoid pushing down hard and bruising or crushing the anemone.

Once cut, return the anemones back to the tank. After a week or two they should be mostly healed and you can start to feed them. Don't go crazy with the food; if you feed too much they will often just spit it out later. After a handful of weeks they should be back to their previous size.

The easiest way to sell them is to find a local store that wants to purchase them. Introduce yourself, tell them how many anemones you can produce and show them some of what you have to sell. If you don't get the answer you're looking for, wait a month and try again. Be prepared to give some samples to build good will and explain what makes your product better than other examples, like free delivery, they are well acclimated, and they haven't gotten shipped half way around the world.

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