Powerhead in a Reef Aquarium

Whether you're maintaining a small nano tank or managing a large reef system, our curated selection of BRS Recommended powerheads provides efficient circulation suitable for any aquarium size. We've conveniently organized the pumps based on suitable tank size and served you the exact pumps we would use in our own tanks here at BRS. BRS Recommended pumps are chosen based on customer feedback, our staff's experience, and offering a unique value in their price class.  

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Under 20 Gallons

Ideal for nano setups, these small powerheads ensure gentle, effective water movement, promoting ideal conditions for fish and coral without being too powerful.

20-40 Gallons

Designed for mid-sized aquariums, these powerheads strike the right balance between power and control.

40-75 Gallons

Choose these powerheads for larger tanks needing more water movement. Many feature adjustable flow rates to achieve the perfect flow and dial the flow according to your coral's needs.

75-100 Gallons

For larger aquariums, these powerheads offer robust circulation, preventing dead spots and promoting optimal overall water quality to support the health of your fish and corals.

100+ Gallons

With increased flow rates, these powerheads are designed to handle larger aquariums.

Powerhead Accessories

Get the most out of your powerheads with these optional accessories.


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