Get Lighting Right the First Time. Reef Tank & Saltwater Aquarium Illumination | BRStv Buying Guide

Not all reef tank lights are created equal and there really is a myriad of things to consider when choosing the right light for your aquarium. Some of this may not be as obvious as you think such the type of output or your general desires for aesthetics in the tank. What about your coral goals or long term vision for the tank? All of this, and more, is critical to making the best decision.

Ryan and Randy lay it all out on the table and cover EVERYTHING you need to know when purchasing reef tank lighting so you can get the right tool for the job the first time around.

  • Output - Narrow or wide-angle flood, soft diffused or hybrid? 
  • Wattage - What kind of power do I really need? 
  • Mounting - How many lights, how high to mount them, can I accommodate the available mounting hardware?
  • Aesthetics - What do you like to see in the tank? 
  • Controls - Wifi or Bluetooth? App controls or timers?  
  • Lens Options - Can the lights grow with my tank or be changed to accommodate different scenarios?

LED Lighting


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