1. Remove Some Rock

Removing some rock can completely change the dynamic of your aquascape. The classic "less is more" approach opens more habitat for fish and corals but also creates a more visually appealing scape by creating negative space. This is especially true in situations where rock is carelessly piled into the tank or stacked up like a rock wall along the back of the tank.

2. Consider Adding Visual Interest

Adding some new features can help create a more appealing scape but focus on unique structures. Take advantage of arches, caves, overhangs, shelves, and branch rock to create a more dynamic scape. Caribsea LifeRock is a great line of colored dry rock that is available in a variety of manufactured shapes that make for super easy additions and look great. 

3. Build Unique Pieces

Instead of buying pre-manufactured shapes, you can easily build your own with some adhesives and a hammer.  Break apart larger chunks of dry rock and glue them together to make whatever you want! 

4. Use Super Glue For Wet Rocks

If you're adding new rock into an existing tank, always use super glue gel! It is the best choice for wet applications and cures underwater. 

5. Build a New Aquascape

If you just can't get it right, building a completely new aquascape is an option even if your tank is already established. Take the time to build a scape that is unique and functional.  

6. Start Curing Ahead of Time

If you're replacing an existing aquascape, cure the new rock ahead of time in a separate container.  Just fill a container with tank water or plumb it into your existing tank and let the new rock cure before you pull out the old rock. This way you are not throwing off the biological filter and can replace all of your existing rock in one day.  

7. Do Portions At A Time

If you are worried about replacing all of the rock at once or don't want to cure it ahead of time, you can replace one rock at a time.  Let the new rock establish in your display before removing the old one.  Go in stages and just replace one rock or one structure at a time. 

8. Don't Be Afraid to Use a Reference

Do some research and look for inspiration from other hobbyists. Print out pictures to reference when you go to assemble your new scape. Just remember, it is a process and you will likely not settle on the first structure you build. 

9. Buy A Pre-Made Aquascape

There are some professional services that will build custom aquascapes upon request.  Just order online or talk with your local fish store. 

10. Time To Upgrade!

The most thrilling way to change up your aquascape is to upgrade your tank. Upgrades are a natural evolution of being an aquarist and a new tank will reinvigorate your interest. Not only do you get to build a whole new aquascape, but you also get a bigger tank which means more room for new corals and fish!  You have the opportunity to use all of the experience and knowledge you have gained thus far to design and build your new tank which is sure to improve your experience across the board.