New Tank Shopping List - Lighting


Shop Dry Live Rock

1. Rock

Saltwater aquarium rocks serve as both a functional and aesthetic foundation for your reef tank. Not only do they provide surface area for beneficial bacteria growth, they also offer habitat for the fish and give the aquarium an instant visual appeal that mirrors natural coral reef environments. With human-made rock gaining popularity due to its eco-friendly nature, there are an increasing number of unique shapes available such as shelf, branch, arches, and more. Not sure which rock is right for your new tank? Our Reef Tank Rock Buyers Guide has the answers!

Shop Sand

2. Sand

Just like rock, sand plays a big role in not only surface area for beneficial bacteria, but for setting the aesthetic tone of your aquarium. When selecting sand, consider factors like the flow within your aquarium (how easy the sand will blow around), the type of tank inhabitants you'll be keeping (sand sifters may require finer sand), and what you find visually pleasing. But before you add the first grain of sand to your tank, be sure to read our Sand Buyers Guide for some tips.  

PAR Aquascaping Adhesives

3. Adhesives

If you're aiming for more than just a simple stack of rocks, chances are you'll need some form of adhesive to keep your rock structure together. Super glue gel, epoxy, and mortar are the three most commonly used adhesives for aquascaping, each offering unique advantages. If you're aspiring to create something truly unique, be sure to watch Ryan's HNSA Aquascape Building Tutorial to discover his preferred adhesives for the job.