In our fourth episode of the Neptune Apex series, we'll cover the energy bar as well as power management. The energy bar, which comes standard with the Apex, has a total of eight outlets and an overall power rating of 15 amps. You'll want to count the amps on all of your equipment to ensure it doesn't go over 15. There's also two types of outlets on the energy par; 6 which run on TRIACs that can handle up to 5 amps, and two which are controlled via relays and can operate up to 10 amps each. So why don't all of the outlets use relays? Good question. It's really just because they make a small clicking noise when they turn off/on which is probably not preferred for equipment like a wavemaker that constantly turns off/on. You do have the option to pick up a second or third energy bar, which come in four and eight blocks. It's really a cost per outlet calculation. The energy bar with eight is $20 an outlet, and with four is $30 an outlet. If you are absolutely sure you will never need more than four, then go with the four. Otherwise, we'd recommend the eight. A few last tips: - If you have issues with an individual product not working correctly, try plugging it into one of the relay outlets on the end and it will likely solve your issue. - One of the best tools for measuring amps or watts is a cheap $20 tool called a kilowatt which can tell you the power consumption information of every item in your system. If you have any questions or advice for our fellow reefers, please use the comment system below. Check out the entire Apex line: Watch the whole playlist: Connect with us on Facebook: Check out our pics on Instagram: