Which corals should I feed with Reef-Roids?

Reef-Roids is a great source of natural nutrition for a wide variety of filter-feeding corals. Ranging in particle size from 150-200 microns, it is small enough for SPS corals while also being perfectly suitable for Soft Corals and LPS to capture from the water column and consume.

How often should I feed Reef-Roids

Twice a week is the recommended schedule for feeding coral. You can start at once per week and slowly increase to 2-3 per week so long as your tank's filtration can handle the additional nutrients without an issue. More food going into the tank results in higher nutrient levels and your filtration needs to be able to keep up without a drastic increase in nitrates/phosphates. Feeding corals at night, just after the lights have turned off is also recommended because this triggers a natural feeding response. 

What is the right mixture of Reef-Roids?

Reef-Roids is dry food, you should hydrate the food with tank water before feeding your tank so it stays in suspension.  How much food you add to the tank and the mixture ratio will be based on your tank size and style of feeding.

Broadcast Feeding - Dosing food for broad dispersion throughout the entire water column. You want a more diluted mix for easy dispersion. You should add the Reef-Roids mix outlined below into an area of your display with higher flow, let the powerheads* run for a minute to spread the food, then turn them off for 10-15 minutes allowing the corals to collect the suspended food. *Always turn off your filtration before feeding your fish and corals

  • 1 tsp of Reef-Roids per 100 gallons of tank water. Saturate food thoroughly using 1/4 - 1/2 cup of tank water in a separate container before feeding. Adjust ratio accordingly for smaller tanks (1/4 tsp per 25 gallons). 

Target Feeding - Squirt hydrated food solution directly onto coral polyps. A more concentrated food mix or "slurry" is ideal in this scenario. You can adjust the amount of food based on how many corals you are feeding. Once you mix the slurry into a squirt bottle or bulb syringe, move around the tank carefully covering each coral colony with food. Of course, always turn off your pumps and filtration before feeding.

  • Typical Coral Bioload: +/- 1 tsp of Reef-Roids per 25 gallons of total water volume. Mix with 10mL of tank water before feeding.

**Pro Tip: Mix PolypLab Polyp-Booster (or similar Amino Acid Supplement) into your Reef-Roids food solution before target feeding for optimal results and complete coral nutrition. Aminos have proven to promote healthy tissue generation and vibrant colors in a wide variety of coral species. 

How much food do I need?

This depends on your tank size and how much you are feeding. On average, the 30-gram bag of Reef-Roids will last roughly three months in a typical 50-gallon reef tank with bi-weekly feeding. 

What's the shelf life?

Keep the bag sealed tightly and in the refrigerator for the best results. Avoid contaminating the bag with any moisture or tank water as well. The advertised shelf life is 12 months.