It's time for Part 2 in The Epic Seahorse and Macro Algae Tank Adventure, with Matthew of My First Fish Tank. We'll go through his process of optimal aquascaping for sea horses (following the rule of 3rds in his last video), as well as prepping sand, and a few water system disasters. We hope you learn a thing or two for your seahorse tank.

Jump to different parts of his process here:

00:13 - Start Aquascaping

03:10 - Prepping ultra fine sand (the kind seahorses like)

05:40 - Priming the manifold line

07:11 - Pipe leak!!

08:04 - Plumbers tape to the rescue

09:51 - Another leak?

12:18 - Overzealous input line

13:54 - Other fun equipment

14:22 - Putting on the GyreXF330

14:58 - Attaching Twinstar900 light

16:20 - Excess sand movement?

16:45 - Finishing touches

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