Having used the Kamoer 4 Channel Dosing Pump unit for six months now, I've been eyeing the Slave module to go with it for quite some time.

For the time being I had a Bubble Magus 3 Channel Dosing Pump used for dispensing amino acids to my tank.

While Bubble Magus was doing its job, I had a few months to run them side by side and compare the two. The Kamoer dosing pump was the clear winner based on a few different criteria:

  • It is much quieter. I could hear my Bubble Magus doser every time it would run even with my aquarium cabinet closed. The Kamoer pump, on the other hand, is simply inaudible.
  • It has calibration. I can calibrate the unit from time to time to ensure incredible precision. Different liquids have different viscosity and even your tubing configuration may affect how much liquid you are adding to your tank, so being able to calibrate it is an indispensable feature.
  • Tons of scheduling options. I can choose to dose only between certain hours of the day.
  • Power outage memory. Even when unplugged for a period of time it does not forget its settings or current time.

All of the points above influenced my decision to purchase the pump from Marine Depot. The package arrived soon after in a well-packed box.

The Kamoer 4 Channel Slave Aquarium Dosing Pump includes the main dosing unit, 4 dosing heads, 4 flow valves, some tubing, tubing connectors and a cord to connect this pump to the master unit.

Attaching the heads to the main unit is a breeze, you just need to click them in. Pay attention when inserting the tubing connectors to make sure they go with the narrower side in. The wider side will be used for the clear tubing.

You can see the unit it will be replacing. This Bubble Magus dosing pump has been with me for a good three years. I'm certain that the new doser will last even longer.

One thing you will have to do is to cut a hole for the "Group B" port on the back of the master unit. I've used a knife for this purpose.

A couple of minutes and the new doser is now fully hooked up.

Once plugged in you will need to change your Master settings from 3 or 4 channel to 7 or 8 channels, respectively. Make sure to write down your current settings since this change will reset your doser.

All in all it took me about a half hour to get everything going. Now the unit is plugged into the system and seem to be functioning exceptionally well.

The only criticism I have about the Kamoer 4 Channel Slave Aquarium Dosing Pump is the cord on the back. It does not have a low profile and sticks out a lot so both of my units had to be moved by an inch from the back wall. Small price to pay for an otherwise superb setup!

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