The ReefBreeders BOT (back of tank) Light Mounts allow you to easily attach your Photon V2 LED light to the side or back wall of your aquarium.  You won't need to fuss with suspension cables and you can quickly adjust the height and width to accommodate your particular aquarium and required light spread.

Upon arrival, be sure to inspect the package and verify all of the parts are included in the box. 

Required Tools

  • Measuring tape
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Zip ties or velcro for securing wires

1. Remove Endcaps From Photon V2 LED

Remove the screws on the end of the fixture using the screwdriver to remove the endcap.  You will only need to remove one endcap to gain access to the mounting channels on the top side of the fixture. Removing the endcap side that does not contain the power cord is best. 

2. Replace Existing Mounting Bolts

Carefully slide out the pre-installed mounting bolts from the top of the Photon.  Once removed, slide in the BOT mounting bolts into the same channels, two mounts into each channel. 

3. Assemble and Install BOT Aquarium Mounts

Follow the instructions for assembly. When attaching to your aquarium, the shims will help reduce pressure points on your aquarium walls which is especially important for aquariums with thin glass walls. The mounts should also be evenly spaced across the back wall of the tank, relative to their attachment points onto your Photon LED Lights. The measuring tape comes in handy here. 

4. Attach Extending Rails to Photon V2 LED Light

One at a time, place the extending rails over top of the Photon V2 LED Light, aligning with each of the mounting bolts. Attach the rails using the included mounting screws and partially screw them into place. Do not overtighten the screws, they should be loose enough so that the rails can slide across the top of the fixture. You will tighten them down in the next step

5. Insert Extending Rails Into BOT Mount

If you have multiple light fixtures or using a longer (36" +) Photon, having someone else to help you is recommended.  Slide one rail at a time into the very first adjustment hole on the BOT mounts.  The silver compression pin should pop up, showing the rail is locked into the first position. Proceed to tighten the screws on top of your Photon V2 once you have both rails installed, this will secure the LED fixture while finding the best position. Finally, adjust the rails from front to back to find the center of your tank.  The compression pins can easily be depressed to move the rails between the various holes, moving one position at a time.  

6. Cable Management

Once the fixture is mounted and centered, use the zip ties or velcro straps to secure the cables down one of the rails. This keeps things looking clean and safe, ensuring the cable won't accidentally fall into your aquarium water or get in the way during maintenance. 

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