AquaMaxx Protein Skimmers Buyer's Guide

If you are in the market for a skimmer, AquaMaxx covers the entire spectrum making skimmers for tanks as small as 5-10 gallons all the way up through 600 gallons or more pending the bioload. Most all the models rely on the ever-reliable Sicce or Shark brand pump motors so you can count on these skimmers surviving as long as you care for them. Laser-cut and cell-cast acrylic construction throughout the entire line-up results in unique designs that perform well, are easy to use, and look great too.  

Bulk Reef Supply handles all of the support and warranty services in-house which is also a great benefit. In the rare instance anything happens or you just need some parts, your solution is only a phone call or email away.

Hang-On and Nano Skimmers

Small but mighty!

  • HOB 1.5: The best hang-on protein skimmer money can buy. Easy to use, easy to clean, and works great for tanks up to 50 gallons with a medium to heavy bioload. 
  • ConeS HOB: The largest of the hang-on skimmers using a reliable Sicce pump and substantially increased chamber size to handle heavier bio-loads. 
  • Bullet-1 Hang-On: Excellent little hang-on skimmer for 20-30 gallon reef tanks where space is limited.  The skimmer body measures only 3" wide. 
  • HF-M Multi-filter: More than just a skimmer, the HF-M is a complete hang-on filtration system with a thoughtful design that provides all the filtration you need for tanks up to 60 gallons. 
  • WS-1: Essentially an in-sump or internal version of the popular HOB-1.5 skimmer. The footprint is only 5.1 x 3.9" meaning it can fit just about anywhere and will effectively filter tanks up to about 50 gallons.
  • NF-1: The tiniest of skimmers for your nano tank that actually works and won't drive you crazy with microbubbles.

FC & DFC Series

Best value!

With both an AC pump and a controllable DC pump option, these wine-glass-shaped skimmers make their mark with an incredibly tiny footprint without compromising performance. Quiet pump, sensitive water level control, bubble diffuser, air silencer, and even a handle on the collection cup - just about everything you could ask for from a skimmer. Priced right, works great, and won't leave you wanting more. 

ConeS CO Series

The time-honored tradition

The original CONE neck skimmer from AquaMaxx with a bubble diffusion plate. This proven design has been skimming reef tanks for almost 10 years now and is available in 5 different sizes for tanks up to 500 gallons or more. The externally mounted Sicce pump is super easy to remove for maintenance and opens up the skimmer body for increased contact time. The larger models use a short length of silicone tubing to attach the pump which absorbs vibrations from the pump and, therefore, quieter operation.

ConeS RC & DRC Series

All the bells and whistles

Similar in design to the original CO skimmers but with some killer upgrades. They've added a controllable DC pump option for starters but also redesigned the outlet pipe and bubble plate to reduce the chances of micro-bubbles escaping and substantially increase contact time. The improved air silencer helps further reduce suction noise and the upgrades to the collection cup reduce resistance and make it a bit easier to clean. 

ConeS Q & DCQ Series

Space-saving and proven design

These are the space-saving versions of the popular CO series skimmers that feature an internal pump and slimmer outlet valve to reduce the overall footprint. You get all of the same high-end features at a great price with the added option of a DC controllable version.